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To Go or Not To Go – The ICJ

An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people. "I know no safe depositary of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them,… Continue reading To Go or Not To Go – The ICJ

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Belize Bank Limited vs Association of Concerned Belizeans

[2011] UKPC 35 Privy Council Appeal No 0096 of 2010 JUDGMENT The Belize Bank Limited (Appellant) v
The Association of Concerned Belizeans and Others (Respondents) From the Court of Appeal of Belize before
 Lord Phillips Lord Walker Lady Hale Lord Mance Lord Clarke JUDGMENT DELIVERED BY Lord Clarke ON 20 October 2011 Heard on 29 June… Continue reading Belize Bank Limited vs Association of Concerned Belizeans


Rice “conspiracy”?


President of the Agricultural Society of Trinidad and Tobago (ASTT) and outgoing chairman of the National Agricultural Marketing and Development Corporation (NAMDEVCO) Wendy Lee Yuen yesterday expressed a concern that there was a “conspiracy” among rice importers to artificially inflate the price of rice.

Lee Yuen was speaking to the Express following a meeting with Legal Affairs Minister Danny Montano convened which the minister convened to discuss issues surrounding the increased production of root crops or “ground provision” as an alternative to rice. Montano had made a public call for the population to turn to root crops as an alternative to rice, as a response to the recent twenty per cent increase in the price of rice.

Lee Yuen explained that although “importers say that the rice from Belize, Suriname and Guyana, which enters Trinidad duty-free, is not of good enough quality”, those countries continue to export in huge volumes.

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Belize New Management

Here's an idea I've been toying around with for a while, thought I'd share it with you to get your feedback and ideas on how we can make Belize better. National Board will managed the daily on-goings in the nation. They will be elected by the people in a national election that will be every… Continue reading Belize New Management

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Belize Age of Consent

The Age of Consent in Belize is 16 years old. The age of consent is the minimum age at which an individual is considered legally old enough to consent to participation in sexual activity. Individuals aged 15 or younger in Belize are not legally able to consent to sexual activity, and such activity may result… Continue reading Belize Age of Consent

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Stoned drivers are a lot safer than drunk ones, new federal data show

A new study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration finds that drivers who use marijuana are at a significantly lower risk for a crash than drivers who use alcohol. And after adjusting for age, gender, race and alcohol use, drivers who tested positive for marijuana  were no more likely to crash than who had not used any… Continue reading Stoned drivers are a lot safer than drunk ones, new federal data show

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How Neuroscience Reinforces Racist Drug Policy

A recent neuroscience study from Harvard Medical School claims to have discovered brain differences between people who smoke marijuana and people who do not. Such well-intentioned and seemingly objective science is actually a new chapter in a politicized and bigoted history of drug science in the United States. Different-looking brains tell us literally nothing about… Continue reading How Neuroscience Reinforces Racist Drug Policy