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Belizean Tiburon Rum

So I cracked open my first bottle of Tiburon yesterday and I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised by the smooth taste from that sexy bottle that feels like running your hand through fine silk, not that I was expecting anything too different. This is highly recommended.

I tried it in different ways:

  • on the rocks
  • with coconut water
  • with club soda
  • with sprite

and I must say that on the rocks and coconut water are my favorite ways. If you have suggestions let me know. I will be trying out some recipes and making up my own stay tuned for updates as I run the tests.

The rum has a sweet spicy smell along with some smells from back home like chocolate. My first taste was a sliver as is, my tongue did a little dance from the rush of flavors that hit it in a split second, mellow but exciting. This is a fun drink that you can have many ways and it will make a great addition to any bar and just about any brew you can conjure up. Tiburon is aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels  amongst other barrels of different ages.

As the Tiburon site puts it:

Tiburon Rum is a hand crafted, aged, premium rum, from an old family owned distillery near the shores of the Caribbean Sea in Belize.

Tiburon rum is a molasses base rum aged in old oak bourbon barrels. The warm climate of Belize helps to gently mature the rum so a younger rum can display some of the same appealing characteristics of a much older spirit from other places on earth.
We blend rums from a variety of barrels of different ages and character and re-cask the blend for a second maturation process.  This is where our Tiburon takes on its golden color and smooth finish and where the oak barrels tend to emphasize the tropical vanilla undertones and oaky accents present in the rum.

I must say that Tiburon dragged me back to Belize; if even just in my sense and memories, it was an enjoyable trip away from Illinois for a bit and I will be making more trips soon. Hopefully I get to sit with Basil one day and talk over a few glasses of my new best friend.

Travelers Liquors and Basil DeStefano truly stepped up the rum game with this one. It is running about US$34.99 per 750ml bottle which is a good deal for a rum of this caliber and is only available in 6 states at the moment.

Ps. The wife swears by Old Maters Gold but this shark got her too.

My Coconut Water and Tiburon drink

Tiburon and Coconut Water

Tiburon and Coconut Water


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Thought of the Day

I haven’t done this in a while but here is my TOD for today June 25, 2015

The problem is that we allowed our Colonial masters to instill in us that one race is superior to another and one group is to rule others and that certain “classes” of people are inferior and should be put to death even.
We have allowed ourselves to be led into the construct where we are classified like farm animals…
The system works on a divide and conquer method and we do all the work by being racists and bigots.
Until we learn that the construct of classifications is our enemy and we learn to break free and unite as one people regardless of color or orientation or any of the dividers they place between us we will remain where we are and things will only get worst.

Motion vs Progress

Many people confuse motion for progress. These are two completely different things..

Let’s see what the dictionary says about the two:

  • Motion: the action or process of moving or being moved.
  • Progress: forward or onward movement toward a destination.

They sound similar, but they’re not the same.

Rocking Chair

Don’t mistake motion for progress. A rocking chair moves but it goes nowhere.

Here are a few examples:

  • I go to the gym and sign up for membership, that is motion. I actually go to the gym to exercise, that is progress.
  • I plan for an awesome family vacation, that is motion. I actually go on vacation and enjoy the time with my family, that is progress.
  • Outlining ideas for projects to undertake, that is motion. Actually implementing and completing those ideas, that is progress.

While motion is important to plan and prepare for your end-goals, it will never get you to said end-goals unless you make progress. Too many times we find excuses to remain in the action phase instead of moving into the progress phase.

Never mistake activity for achievement.
– John Wooden

Attention Parents: Your Emotions Are Contagious

To stay healthy, people will do everything short of quarantining themselves to avoid getting coughed on, sneezed on, or breathed on by the sickly. As a parent, you’re probably well aware of how quickly contagious diseases like the flu can travel through a family—nay, a neighborhood. Teachers notice the same thing when they see student after student calling in sick until the class is but a mere figment of the imagination.

Research has also shown that in the workplace, one negative employee can spoil the bunch. A negative outlook on anything, whether it’s the administration, a client, or a department, can affect the morale of everyone around.

So what does this have to do with families? Believe it or not, the same research that shows how a negative attitude can “catch on” in families just as easily as it does in the office.

Tips for Parents

  • Let your child know if you are undergoing stress that has nothing to do with them. For example, if you have a headache when they come home from school, tell them about it. Warn them that you may be a bit grouchier than normal, but that it’s not their fault. This will minimize the contagiousness of your negative emotions.
  • Educate your family members about what to do when one is upset. “You can’t always change the person who is emoting,” says Corneau. “You need to teach others in your family to recognize that it’s not them, what people do and say isn’t their fault, even if they’re the receiver of all of it.”
  • Corneau emphasizes that some children are more sensitive than others. Zero in on a child who strongly picks up energies in the house, even if they are not directed at her. Help her learn to identify when people are in a bad mood, and try to support her through the bad days of other family members.
  • If one person’s mood seems to be contagious on a regular basis, support her and encourage her to get help. This might include seeing a therapist or trying to fix the issues that are causing the negative emotions (e.g., changing jobs, switching classes, finding new friends).

[Read the full article here]

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Beware of Artificial Sweeteners

There’s an old proverb that goes “What the devil doesn’t know can’t hurt him.” Well in this case it actually does, it’s hurting you, it’s hurting me, and it is definitely hurting our kids and putting them at risk for some serious medical conditions.

Please read along and pass this information to your family and friends, it is only through awareness that we can help other to learn the truth.Like the old Belizean proverb.. “No monkey seh ih pikney ugly – No monkey will says it’s child is ugly” which means that no one will admit to fault or that they are wrong. We simply cannot depend on the drug makers to tell us what is safe and what is not, we must search for the real information and understand it. (more…)

Antibiotics: Killing Off Beneficial Bacteria … for Good?

It’s an accepted concept by now that taking antibiotics in order to quell an infection disrupts the personal microbiome, the population of microorganisms that we all carry around in our guts, and which vastly outnumbers the cells that make up our bodies. That recognition supports our understanding of Clostridium difficile disease — killing the beneficial bacteria allows C. diff room to surge and produce an overload of toxins — as well as the intense interest in establishing a research program that could demonstrate experimentally whether the vast industry producing probiotic products is doing what it purports to do.

But implicit in that concept is the expectation that, after a while — after a course of antibiotics ends — the gut flora repopulate and their natural balance returns. (more…)

Youth Development

We all know that the biggest plagues causing commotion in our societies is lack of youth development. We need to step outside of the box for a bit and look at what is happening, where we are and what can be done to remedy the situations.

What is youth development?

… the ongoing growth process in which all youth are engaged in attempting to (1) meet their basic personal and social needs to be safe, feel cared for, be valued, be useful, and be spiritually grounded, and (2) to build skills and competencies that allow them to function and contribute in their daily lives.”
– (Pittman, 1993)

Youth development, then, is a combination of all of the people, places, supports, opportunities and services that most of us inherently understand that young people need to be happy, healthy and successful. Youth development currently exists in a variety of different places, forms and under all sorts of different names. (more…)