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Security Kills Freedom

Security Kills Freedom

This article is shared with permission from Gale Innes

In a world where there is much less government, small organizations present a great threat to societies, depending upon how well organized they are, how well armed they are, and their true intentions. Of course their intentions can only be realized “after the fact”, so all society can do is fall victim to those who plot against them.

Nevertheless, mob justice is usually very nasty & prevails in small societies, and it usually amounts to rounding up the oppressors & criminals and putting them in jail or hanging them (or much worse). The old west kind of ran like this, small towns & communities were entirely controlled by an elected sheriff, who was backed by the community, when someone did something the community didn’t like, the sheriff paid them a visit.

When organized criminals rolled into town, the entire town were forced to rise up and stand against them as one or suffer under the power the organization possessed. Well these organized criminals have never really been dealt with, they thrived and grew, later on we saw other criminal organizations grow & rise to power, like the mafia, the street gangs, and today organized crime has apparently reached deep into many governments in various countries.  Nevertheless, the USA has taken on the role of the “Global Sheriff”, but other countries do not like this at all, and some have flat out said, “Knock it off or else!”

Because corruption runs deep in governments sometimes, it’s very difficult to take out the corrupt without an extremely strong internal police, in America that’s where the FBI comes in usually, but what happens when the Justice Department itself becomes corrupted?  How is this possible some might ask?  Well it’s easy, those with the money are “too big to jail”, also those in the justice department might be secretly paid or threatened with serious backlash should they pursue such endeavors to jail those who are clearly getting away with much more than massive fraud to increase their power through the use of bribery & even such things as assassination (if need be).

Security is great until those in authority become the criminals, then it’s not so great, and that’s precisely what’s going on today in the world, corruption is obviously at all levels now.  Freedom & Rights are taken away by those in power so that they can control the people, whether it’s societies, counties, cities, states, countries, or what have you.  Notice the latter is more of what they are interested in, “what have you”, for they are not only nosy, spying on you, and concerned with how to rob you, they will indeed effectively eliminate any & all competition, thereby effectively creating a secret monopoly that only a few control, or in America’s case a oligarchy.

Freedom and Rights rights are not just confiscated, but legally stolen through legislation, because those in power seek to control system, business, and markets, that means totally control.  Those that control the banks, the greatest criminal organization in the world (no doubt about it), are able to, through the manipulation of currency, steal trillions of dollars from millions of people, even countries, with a press of a button.  I recently read a documentary, that talked about how the mega wealthy control most of the world through currencies, where they can hold off transactions till the last 20 minutes before the market closes, and change the value of currencies to literally steal from those who are changing currencies.  (Massive secret theft, but some may call it a conspiracy.)

Truth Quote

Don’t think for a moment that these kind of things don’t happen, I warn you up front that nobody’s money, security, or freedom are safe.  Corporations however are different than people, being nothing more than a legal entity, they are able to operate outside of the law, and when a country starts making laws they don’t like, they simply move the corporation to another country, effectively escaping the power of legislation.  While I’m not willing to go so far to say that “taxes are evil”, I will say that they are the greatest oppression to the people of a nation, business, and those that choose to operate within the embodiment of legislation created by those in authority.

For this reason today it’s paramount to be “up to date” with what’s really going on in the world, also to understand how laws, taxes, and those in power of currencies greatly effect people, business, & even every day life.  It might seem trivial or nothing to some, but to those who are working hard & scraping to make a living, the slightest change in legislation or taxes can significantly effect them in a financial way that can cause them to suffer substantially.

The loss of freedom is never more truly realized than by those who have to submit to those in authority, after all, those in authority are not subjective to the laws they write, for they escape is via the power of corporations, offshore bank accounts, etc. Therefore if you want to be smart, then realize that you too will need a corporation if you wish to escape so much of the oppression that befalls the masses who, while they aren’t completely clueless, are ignorant of the schemes plotted against them daily, for they choose to remain unaware of what’s really going on.  Now for those who care enough to listen, read, watch videos, and to stay abreast with what’s going on, good for you, and to those who earnestly believe “ignorance is bliss”, enjoy your security, while it last.

People that seek security, usually by working for corporations or businesses (whether small or large), or those who try to enter the business world by starting a small business and working at it, do not realize the game & all of the rules in that game are clearly set against them, for one person truly does not stand a chance against those in power.  I tell you this because as long as you think small, you will always remain small, likewise business is a team sport, and those that choose to go it alone, thinking they know best, often meet disaster & fail, and of course I have already outlined why, to a small extent.  Security however is vanishing, as the US Dollar’s value diminishes, as global prices continue to change (either higher or lower), currency will have to reflect it’s true value, and while we wait for those “reflections” to become realized, in the mean time many have become dependent upon an old way of life that is every diminishing.

What am I talking about?  I’m talking of course about the security of jobs (a paycheck), banking, business, investing, and all of the ways people are able to thrive & survive.  The economies around the world are changing, some may believe for the better, some for the worst, and how you view the current situation will greatly affect what decisions you make & what actions you take.  The ignorant of course will try to keep their head down, say “yes boss”, and willing submit to those oppressing them with glee so that they can retain what shred of security they have left to cling to.  Having children to feed in today’s world leaves many clinging to this false security, as that security diminishes along with our freedoms (if any actually still exist), we must all come to realize that hope is growing not only dim, but grossly scarce!

I use to have faith in the government, in the institutions, in corporations, in products, in jobs, and in so many things that many others still do, but these things are diminishing, along with the returns you get from an honest day’s work, for work is slowing tremendously as well.  It’s become a real fight for survival, the job markets are extremely competitive now, and this of course creates an environment where businesses can name their pay for almost any job out there, seriously. What if this environment we live in today was purposefully fabricated to provide a way to literally alleviating everyone worldwide of everything that is even remotely valuable, only to further the agenda of those who control the real wealth & power derived from governments & banks?

I didn’t write this article to draw people into despair, neither to be fear-mongering, no the sky is not falling, but if you take the time to look up at the light, consider that nothing is free, not even freedom, and where security is concerned, well that comes in the form of a bill every month, just remember though, if you don’t pay your bills, well, there went your lights.  I don’t believe there is a solution to all problems, but there is indeed a way to solve your own, and that begins by you taking the first step & seeking out the information you need to make informed decisions based upon what you are willing to become aware of, for not everyone wants to see or know the truth.


Elizabeth Warren: Fixing the Banks, Lifting the Middle Class

Elizabeth Warren: Fixing the Banks, Lifting the Middle Class

On February 23, the Chicago Humanities Festival hosted Elizabeth Warren, a Harvard Law Professor hailed by Time Magazine as one of the “New Sheriffs of Wall Street.” The former Chair of the Congressional TARP Oversight panel, Warren currently serves as Assistant to President Obama and Special Advisor on Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

At one of her few public appearances since her appointment, Warren talked about her personal journey in public service and its culmination in the building of a new agency dedicated to protecting American consumers.

The Chicago Humanities Festival is thrilled to make Elizabeth Warren’s entire presentation available to stream online at http://www.chicagohumanities.org. Generously sponsored by the Alter family, this lecture honors the late Joanne H. Alter’s pioneering work on behalf of women interested in social action and public service.


Thought of the day 05-01-13

Thought of the day 05-01-13

Sorry for missing a bunch of days of sharing my thoughts…. Here is my brain opening up today….

I will go out on a limb here and say that we are being used as Guinea Pigs.. Just like with all their other things.. Test STD’s on the natives in Guatemala, test agent orange on the Vietnamese; and I’ll go way out here… Test AIDS out on the Africans.

Today, we are being used to test political, financial, legal and corralling of humans on an international level…

And the sheeples are accepting it with thunderous applause.

If we bring a microscope to the picture we realize that even managing our household has become a political process.

In Belize where money is tight you have to vote on what get’s priority, who get’s what today or tomorrow, what you can buy, etc. Just an example.

All these things work into how we as a society co-exist with each other. Increase in crime is a direct result of politics extending into private lives and that is a direct result of people allowing themselves to be sheeples and accepting everything politics tells them is good for them.

Increase in crime being a direct result of politics as we can clearly see is one of if not THE biggest profit maker of politics.

Contaminated ground turkey found in 21 states

Contaminated ground turkey found in 21 states

What I find totally disturbing about this is that they do not list the brands that are known to be contaminated so consumers know which ones to stay away from. Simply amazing.


By NBC News

Dangerous antibiotic-resistant bacteria has been found in ground turkey on U.S. grocery shelves across a variety of brands and stores located in 21 states, according to a report by a consumer watchdog organization.

Of the 257 samples of ground turkey tested, more than half were found to be positive for fecal bacteria and overall, 90 percent were contaminated with one or more types of disease-causing organisms, many of which proved resistant to one or more common antibiotics, Consumer Reports found.

Turkeys, like other livestock in the United States, are commonly given repeated low doses of antibiotics in an effort to keep the animals healthy and help promote growth. But there has been growing concern that widespread use of antibiotics in animals that are not sick is speeding the development of antibiotic resistance.

The National Turkey Federation said the findings were sensationalized on a sampling that was “extremely small,” and said that blaming use of antibiotics in animals was “misleading.”

“There is more than one way they (harmful bacteria) can wind up on food animals,” said National Turkey Federation vice president Lisa Picard. “In fact, it’s so common in the environment, studies have shown that generic E.coli and MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) can even be found on about 20 percent of computer keyboards.”

The food safety regulator says resistance of bacteria to antibiotics is “a major public health threat,” … The agency has rebuffed efforts to mandate reduced usage, however.

“Humans don’t consume antibiotics every day to prevent disease and neither should healthy animals,” said Dr. Urvashi Rangan, Director of the Food Safety and Sustainability Group at Consumer Reports. “Prudent use of antibiotics should be required to stem the public health crisis generated from the reduced effectiveness of antibiotics.”

Read the entire article here.


Happy Birthday Cliff Burton

Happy Birthday Cliff Burton

I remember picking up my first Metallica album and listening to the melodic mastery of the bass by Cliff. The most iconic being (Anesthesia) – Pulling Teeth (instrumental) from the album Kill ‘Em All. To today, I still listen to the albums that Cliff was on more than the others, nothing beats relaxing to his jams after a hard day or to relax yourself from stress.

Clifford Lee “Cliff” Burton was an American musician, best known as the bass guitarist for the American heavy metal band Metallica. Burton joined the band in 1982 and performed on its debut studio album, Kill ‘Em All.  – Wikipedia

Memorial stone near the crash site.
Memorial stone near the crash site. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Born: February 10, 1962, Castro Valley
Died: September 27, 1986, Ljungby

“When a man lies he murders some part of the world
These are the pale deaths which men miscall their lives
All this i cannot bear to witness any longer
Cannot the kingdom of salvation take me home”
– Cliff Burton: “To Live Is To Die”

(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth (Instrumental) Cliff Live Version

(Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth (Instrumental) Album Version

Here is a small sample of Cliff working his magic.

For those that play

The Aria Pro II Cliff Burton Signature Bass is available for sale. It was officially launched at Winter NAMM in Anaheim, California on January 24-27. It is an exact replica right down to the sound.

Burton Bass Signature Launch

Metallica was en route on a road between Stockholm and Copenhagen, to their next gig that was scheduled for September 27th, 1986. Earlier that night the band drew cards for the assignment of the bunks on the tour bus. As fate would have it, Cliff drew the ace of spades and chooses Kirk Hammett’s bunk. Around dawn, the bus driver lost control of the bus and over corrects with the steering wheel to get back on the road. The bus begins to skid out of control and rolls several times before coming to a halt. Cliff was ejected and pinned underneath. The band disembarks to find Cliff motionless. Later a crane was brought to the scene to lift up the bus, the band hoped Cliff could be saved. However, after lifting the bus up, it slipped back down. According to Mick Hughes, Metallica’s sound engineer, no one was sure if Cliff was still alive at that point.

The “Report Of The Death Of An American Citizen Abroad” lists the cause of death as “compressio thoracis cum contusio pulm”, attested by Dr. Anders Ottoson, licensed physician. The bus driver claimed that he hit a “patch of black ice”. James Hetfield has since stated the infamous black ice was never found. The police report stated the air temperature at the scene was 37 degrees. However, there was no mention of ice the road. Cliff’s passport, E 159240, was cancelled and returned to his parents.

His body was flown back to the United States. His funeral was held on October 7th, 1986 at Chapel Of The Valley in his hometown of Castro Valley, CA. He was cremated, and his ashes were spread at a place where he spent a lot of time at, the Maxwell Ranch. One of those in attendance was his friend, Dave DiDonato. This is his account of the scene. “We (several people and family) stood in a large circle with Cliff’s ashes in the center. Each of us walked into the center and took a handful of him and said what we had to say… Then he was cast onto the Earth, in a place he loved very much.”



The Target Is Your Brain

The Target Is Your Brain

Directors: Felix Sobolev, Victor Olender
Year: 1984

This film is about methods of ideological warfare. It is about the creation of illusions, advertisement, influence on the voters, CIA experiments for mind control and propaganda methods. Despite being almost 30 years old, it is surprisingly very relevant for today. It promotes the values of rationalism over irrationalism of American popular culture.

The director of the film Felix Sobolev, died during the production of the film at age 52. The film was finished by Victor Olender.


On discussing part of our path to the ICJ

On discussing part of our path to the ICJ

I had this discussion on Facebook with some friends about one part of the Belize – Guatemala claim and going to the ICJ.  My concern here is more to the point of we have never taken this issue to any legal body before.

English: Central American Integration System E...
English: Central American Integration System Español: Sistema de la Integración Centroamericana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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