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Thought of the day 05-13-13

The system really has not served us except for the very beginning extending a bit into a decade or so after Independence. If we look around at how our nation has been served we can clearly see that only politicians, their families, friends and special interest groups have really been served.When a system is created… Continue reading Thought of the day 05-13-13

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If I Could Change Things Around in Belize

If I had the authority to change it, I would make it something like this (Not perfect, but a starting point)... The post of GG is removed. We are an Independent Nation after all and he doesn't really do anything more than collect a pay check anyway. Each Representative is voted as they are currently,… Continue reading If I Could Change Things Around in Belize

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If no-one challenged the Status Quo …

Belize would still be under the rule of the British. Belize would not be an Independent Nation. Belize would not be a Democracy. Who will challenge the Status Quo we are faced with today? Who will bring Belize out from under the iron fist rule of the current political system? Who will bring our people… Continue reading If no-one challenged the Status Quo …

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The Referendum Act of Belize

What are the Laws Governing the Referendum Act? The Referendum Act No. 2 of 1999 was signed on February 25, 1999 to provide rules for the conduct of a referendum. Why a Referendum? Three reasons for the conduct of a Referendum in Belize are: Concerns of “sufficient” national importance Change to Chapter II of the… Continue reading The Referendum Act of Belize

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Arthur Saldivar appears on Rise and Shine

Arthur Saldivar This constitution, an all inclusive constitution, for the political party that created and built this nation, is one that will serve this country; it is sub-servant to the constitution of Belize, but for us it is supreme law in our party. All I am asking for and all I am pushing for is… Continue reading Arthur Saldivar appears on Rise and Shine

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TO:  H.E. SIR COLVILLE YOUNG          GOVERNOR GENERAL OF BELIZE PETITION FOR A REFERENDUM Pursuant to Sections 2 (1) (b), 2 (3), 2(4) and 3 of the Referendum Act, Chapter 10 of the Laws of Belize as amended BY Act No. 1 of 2008. We, the undersigned, Registered Electors in Belize whose names appear in… Continue reading PETITION FOR A REFERENDUM