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Thought of the day 05-13-13

Thought of the day 05-13-13

The system really has not served us except for the very beginning extending a bit into a decade or so after Independence. If we look around at how our nation has been served we can clearly see that only politicians, their families, friends and special interest groups have really been served.

When a system is created where only the rich or land owners could participate when only a handful of people fit into that bracket and having that continue until today I say it is a failed system from the onset, but that’s just me.

Are we to blame? Somewhat, actually for the most part. But it starts from our forefathers. If they had really taken the time to realize that what they were fighting against should never have made it into our foundation we would not be here today. People grew up with that system as being normal and it has become a cycle. You cannot make change unless you have money and we see that play out in how people behave.

I think this problem spans a wider footing than just politics tho, however I believe that if we look at any issue in Belize close enough we realize that they are political.
One of the main reasons things are the way they are is that people did not get the opportunity to lean their Constitution or their rights as citizens of Belize and still don’t.

Today we have learned people going round throwing legal jargon on radio, tv, in person and expect that people will understand. They literally use it as a tool to work the people to their liking.

Tho people are to blame for how they vote and how they think, this is the result of years of failure of the system to raise people that can think for themselves. The issue in my mind is this..

We have allowed ourselves to be raised an Ignorant, Complacent, Conforming, Submissive and Hypocritical people.
Yes I did.
– CayoBuay

The question now is: How do we change when the majority don’t even know their rights?

Until we realize that, accept it and do something to change it. Nothing will. And no-one can do it for you, YOU have to make the choice to do it for you.

“The most important single central fact about a free market is that no exchange takes place unless both parties benefit.”

– Milton Friedman

If I Could Change Things Around in Belize

If I had the authority to change it, I would make it something like this (Not perfect, but a starting point)…

  • The post of GG is removed. We are an Independent Nation after all and he doesn’t really do anything more than collect a pay check anyway.
  • Each Representative is voted as they are currently, by the people they will represent. They will be responsible for the positive growth of their constituency. Village Councils, Town Boards, City Councils will remain the same.
  • Each district will have an upper Ministerial Representative, elected on a District wide election; they will attend Central Government meetings and help to come up with policies and laws.
  • The members house of Representatives will be elected separately from the Govt and by the people.
  • The PM will be elected by the people, independent of their party. ( Sort of how the pres is elected in the US except for the college system)
  • Members of the Senate are elected by the people.
  • Our supreme court is truly made into the final law of the land. Why do we need to go to another country to preside over our courts?
  • Implementation of a NGO compromised of Attorneys and Accountants and other relevant professions. Members are rotated yearly. This Org will be responsible to revise any and all things that impact the country in any way and they will be able to enforce the law on those caught breaking the laws of the land. Govt policies, changes, procedures, etc. From Central Govt to doing random and routine security and policy checks on both Public and Private sectors

This will allow for finer control of things that go through the Govt and removing full control from one single party group, any one person and will provide for accountability laws to be put in place.

  • Local Boards and Councils report to their Local Representatives
  • Local Representatives report to the District Ministers
  • District Ministers and PM report to the House.

Implement a yearly review process for Government Representatives

  • Year one = fail … Politician gets a warning
  • Year two = fail … Politician gets a final warning
  • Year 2 1/2 = fail … Politician is fired and a new local election is held for the people to choose who they want to finish the term.
    • All parties will be allowed to participate

Granted this will need what I have been preaching over and over again, as have several other people.  We need a New Foundation on which to build our new house.

If no-one challenged the Status Quo …

  • Belize would still be under the rule of the British.
  • Belize would not be an Independent Nation.
  • Belize would not be a Democracy.
  • Who will challenge the Status Quo we are faced with today?
  • Who will bring Belize out from under the iron fist rule of the current political system?
  • Who will bring our people into the next step of Democracy?
  • Who will take our nation into the future it should be heading to?
  • When will the people challenge the Status Quo?
  • When will the people realize that the system is only dividing us and keeping us ignorant and weak?
  • When will the people notice that they need to STAND UP?
  • When will the people learn that it is us that can drive change, change doe snot come from without until we can change from within.


The Referendum Act of Belize

What are the Laws Governing the Referendum Act?

The Referendum Act No. 2 of 1999 was signed on February 25, 1999 to provide rules for the conduct of a referendum.

Why a Referendum?

Three reasons for the conduct of a Referendum in Belize are:

  1. Concerns of “sufficient” national importance
  2. Change to Chapter II of the Belize Constitution which affects the guaranteed fundamental rights and freedom
  3. Any proposed settlement with Guatemala for resolving the Belize/Guatemala dispute

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Arthur Saldivar appears on Rise and Shine

Arthur Saldivar
This constitution, an all inclusive constitution, for the political party that created and built this nation, is one that will serve this country; it is sub-servant to the constitution of Belize, but for us it is supreme law in our party. All I am asking for and all I am pushing for is for the democracy that this constitution and this party represents be allowed to work and for that democracy to work and to give everyone, PUP and non-PUP, the benefit of the ideas that will serve this party and serve this country from now to the next thirty years. The country deserves it and I believe that we will get more members joining the PUP, when those vying for leadership in this party come to the public to debate the issues of national importance, so that all of us know where we are going and how we are going to get there.

I agree somewhat with Arthur.. There needs to be a change. I think he is wording himself completely wrong tho, either that or he has no clue whatsoever… Here is my take on this…
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Pursuant to Sections 2 (1) (b), 2 (3), 2(4) and 3 of the Referendum Act, Chapter 10 of the Laws of Belize as amended BY Act No. 1 of 2008.

We, the undersigned, Registered Electors in Belize whose names appear in the approved voters’ list, acting in accordance with the provisions of Section 2 (1) (b) of the Referendum Act, Chapter 10 of the Laws of Belize, call for a referendum on the Belize Constitution (Ninth Amendment) Bill introduced into the House of Representatives on July 22nd 2011 and which, if enacted, would give a two-third or three-quarter majority of members of the House of Representatives the power to make any amendment to the Belize Constitution without the Supreme Court of Belize being able to decide on the constitutionality of such an amendment.