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The promises of a better future …

So I’ve been reading the manifestos for both the PUP and UDP parties and have some items I want to cover, hopefully I can get to it all before election day…

From the UDP Manifesto

“Completing the Norwegian Cruise Line cruise port in southern Belize”

I thought it was Norwegian Cruise Line that was investing in that Island. When did GOB start investing in international companies, private business and tourism? Here are three more:

“Adding 1500 new hotel rooms”

“Sustaining annual overnight tourist arrivals growth of 8%”

“Sustaining annual cruise tourist arrivals of 10%”

“Develop a “free range” poultry industry under proper bio-secure condition, but aimed at small-scale farmers.”

I like how they actually made sure that free range was in the double quotes.. You know, like when you say something that was not true so you do the quote gesture with your fingers…

How do you keep rodents and other potential risk out of free ranges? You can’t

This sounds more along the lines of factory farming to me… And remember that this is considered free range too, because the chickens are free to walk around but it’s still factory farming:

“The UDP government has always been a good steward of Belize’s natural resources.”

Is that why they extended oil contracts into protected areas, burnt that haul of Rosewood and sent the SS to attack the Maya people a while back?

“Restrict importation and use of non-biodegradable packaging”

So all those importation of Gatorade, Ramen and other things that come in plastic or Styrofoam containers for example will not be imported anymore?

Back to ital food Belizeans… It’s healthier for you than the processed garbage that causes cancers and other health issues anyway. Which takes me to the next promise… …

“Implement a mandatory recycling program”

  • And where will the recycling take place?
  • Does Belize have a recycling facility or will materials need to be exported?
  • Who will pay the costs for the actual recycling?

Just a few questions…

“Enact bills to enforce transparency and accountability in Public Financial Management.”

I wonder if this will be retro-active and how it will affect the family business called Belize.

“Develop an investor-friendly residency program”

Sounds like the passport scandal will be back in business… Remember that Investment Citizenship program from years ago where passports were being sold left, right, top, bottom and center? What was the name again?

“Launch a nationwide preventative campaign to reduce diabetes, hypertension and obesity through proper nutrition and exercise”

I want to know if they will remove Belize from the Codex Alimentarius program and stop importing all those processed carcinogens called food. Things like Ramen for example.

“Diversify the education curriculum to ensure relevance to national demand”

I wonder if educators will have any input on this or if it will be just another imported scheme that create state robots instead of critical thinkers?

Maybe this is what they are talking about?

If you don’t do what the state says you get punished for it… This is a clear example of how the state is creating people that will do as they are told, education is not about educating today but about creating drones for the state… I have posted enough about this about why 5+5+5 = 15 is wrong.

John Taylor Gatto has some good information.

From the PUP


I wonder what truly made them change their position on this topic and are they really sincere about it or is it just to get votes because the 99% in Belize oppose going to the ICJ.

“Invest in new and appropriate technologies that will enhance more effective methods of teaching and learning. Provide digital devices to students beginning at the high school level.”

I would invite them and the UDP to follow my posts about the issues with education and where bringing in outside systems is killing us.

While I am a huge fan of enhancing education and technology in schools. I am an even bigger opponent of the Prussian models being used to create state drones and will fight against that until the day I die.

“Begin the phasing out towards the total abolition of Income Taxes and replace with a restructured Business Tax.”

This will be interesting to see, knowing that all Govt. funded projects are in reality Tax Payer Funded. Where will they get the funds from? Something tells me we will see a surge of more debts being put on the backs of Belizeans.

I would much rather see a percentage base installed. So:

For personal income taxes:

  • If you make less than $xxx you pay no taxes
  • From $xxx to $xxxx you pay x% ( a manageable % of course)
  • From that point on you pay x% of your income

For business income tax, determine what we want to call a small business (up to $x of profits) and do something like this:

  • Small businesses get divided into two classes (bottom 1/2 pays a certain %, the top 1/2 pay a certain %)
  • All others pay a % of their profits.

This of course with no special break unless you are a new company which you get a tax break during your ROI timeline to allow you to grow your company.

I am no economist but I bet we can come up with a proper plan if we really want to.

“Provide a house lot upon reaching the age of 18.”

How can someone promise you something that is your birthright?

I am still reading the PUP manifesto and will be updating here as I find more so keep checking back. What do you think? Feel free to tell me your thoughts about what I noted or if you have something to share, leave a comment below.

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