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The Alternative struggle in Belize

I talk to Belizeans on the ground every day and the one thing that is certain in all the discussions is that they want a serious Alternative, not a bunch of individual units working together under a common idea. Belizeans see that as a larger more spread out version of the two party system. Currently we have PUP and UDP fighting for power, if the Alternatives win, it will be a larger struggle for power..

The lesser of two evils is still evil. And we keep doing the same insane thing of voting in evil every 5 years.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
– Albert Einstein

Belize is ready, the Alternative is not. But pushing people to the lesser of two evils is not the way to progress.. Why are we not working to ensure we have a viable alternative in a single group rather than multiple units?

Think about this.. In the past 33 years, the PUP and UDP have their proven track record behind them, while the alternatives are yet to prove themselves. Why are we hell bent on destroying alternative choices and keep going down the two roads that already has a history of destruction and failure?

Imagine if when the original band of Alternatives were moving toward change if people back then would think like we do today, that alternatives are a waste of time and we should just keep doing things the way we always have been doing them.

Did the PUP (being the original party in Belize) have a track record when they formed? The original Alternative people like Price, Richardson, Goldson, Thurton, Soberanis, etc.. how did they get their track record? So how did they get their success? Do you think things were already established for them? Nope… They had to work on it and I guarantee you that people worked along with them as well, they did not do it all by themselves..

Belizeans keep ignoring the track records and keep bashing the Alternative infancy instead of fostering and helping it grow.

Think of it as a family with three children. The first two are grown up and were given all the attention and still get it but have been spending all the money, giving the family belongings away, etc, etc..

The third child comes along and the parents decide that because the two older children are already grown and they have already invested all their time and effort they will keep dealing with the two older siblings and not only disregard and bash on the third child but pay it no attention nor teach it anything. The bashing includes things like, “You can’t even walk yet, look at your two older brothers, why can’t you walk you imbecile?” and “You are not even worth it, you can’t do anything for us.” Additionally, they don’t feed the third child because they see it as a waste to invest into it as it cannot give them anything back for their investments…

The family needs to pay attention to all children so that at least one can be what their child deserves to be. By bashing and ignoring you create a failed child.

Just as we are creating a failed Alternative system in Belize by always bashing them for not being grown up, not being able to walk or talk, not being able to give back (buying votes, having cronies, etc)

When it all comes down to it, we are causing our own destruction by failing to support an Alternative that can and will lead us out of this darkness and destruction that we have been led into.

I’ll explain what is happening in Belize with regard to the Alternatives… Please pay attention…

Belizeans keep having children and putting them in a corner in the attic because they can’t walk or talk, or give them anything back yet. By doing this we let the children die off one by one and if by some miracle they survive with no food, water, attention and love they remain in that corner being bashed and frowned upon. No matter what they are bashed and never educated or nurtured to be allowed to prove themselves.

Then you have the neighbors that come over and bash the children even more and tell the parents to just put the children out of their misery because they are not worth it and never will be worth it instead of taking the children out of those horrible conditions and do what’s right to ensure the children have a viable future.

This cycle keeps happening over and over and unless we all as Belizeans come together to protect those children we will always and forever be in the servitude of the masters.

Time is now that we stop fighting for party and start fighting for our fellow country men and women, and it starts with doing it for ourselves. We cannot bring change for others if we cannot change ourselves first and foremost.

Lets work on creating that one followable Alternative that is a national child, not bashing Alternatives and push the evil ones as the only choices. Let’s pressure the multiple units to give up their banners and form a true new pride of lions and lionesses to take Belize into the future and beyond.

It starts by all of us stopping the act of putting PUP and UDP on a pedestal and getting on the ground doing the work to make sure we have a viable Alternative party.. All we need is one, not 3, 4, 5, 6, or more. If we can get together and ensure one makes it to be the Alternative we want we have won as a Belizean people.

Let us prove our resiliency and willingness to change for each other, not for some politician that can buy our votes, give us a ham, take us to eat tacos.. Not for a politician that will be the padrino or madrina for our children. Not for a politician that will give us something.

If you think things will change once the current Government is out, you do not understand the problems.

All that being said, I have to note as well that the Alternatives are not doing the work they need to do to become successful. How often do you see an alternative member at your door doing the ground work? How often do you see them fighting issues?

Change will not just happen and you will not just be voted into office, If you truly want to win the people over and get into office there are things that need to get done and it starts with the following:

  1. Drop all you banners, colors, flags, ideas that are individualistic to your group.
  2. Drop you thirst for control
  3. Start the building process by involving the people; do not tell them what you will do, get their input on what they need changed.
  4. Start a sustained campaign to address issues, doesn’t have to be expensive, start with your local area and work outward from there.
  5. Create one national group with one banner and one mission and goal.

1 thought on “The Alternative struggle in Belize”

  1. I never submitted the whole system of my opinions to the creed of any party of men whatever, in religion, in philosophy, in politics, or in anything else, where I was capable of thinking for myself. Such an addiction is the last degradation of a free and moral agent.
    ~ Thomas Jefferson, ~

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