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Planned Obsolescence

Did you know that the lifetime of light bulbs once used to last for more than 2500 hours and was reduced on purpose to just 1000 hours? Did you know that nylon stockings once used to be that stable that you could even use them as tow rope for cars and its quality was reduced… Continue reading Planned Obsolescence

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Texas town runs out of water after using it for fracking

Not surprising that something as IMPORTANT as this issue has not been on the main headlines of Mainstream Media. Of course, they only let us know what is good for the agenda. Originally posted on TreeHugger Suzanne Goldenberg at The Guardian has a startling article on what may be a common occurrence in Texas and… Continue reading Texas town runs out of water after using it for fracking

Thought of the Day

Thought of the day 05-04-13

Think about it... What is the common factor in this equation? How do you reduce the issues? By reducing the common factor. Anyway you take it, people are the main factors and to reduce carbon you have to reduce that number. You can reduce the Services per person all you want, population will grow and… Continue reading Thought of the day 05-04-13

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The Dirtiest Energy you’ve never heard of

Ever heard of fracking? If not, you are not alone. However, be warned: once you learn about this dirty energy you'll become angry, you might become a little frightened, but most of all we hope you'll become involved, because communities across the country are counting on us. So what is fracking, and who is getting… Continue reading The Dirtiest Energy you’ve never heard of

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Hybrids-Genetically Crossing Humans and Animals

Pandora's Box has surely been opened. A dangerous genetic experiment has come out of the shadows, and the human-animal hybrids, chimeras and other transgenic clones it has yielded now threaten to endanger and irrevocably alter life as we know it. The controllers of elite-funded science and R&D have wantonly tampered with the genetic code of… Continue reading Hybrids-Genetically Crossing Humans and Animals

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Bringing It Home

Industrial hemp makes 1,000's of sustainable products and can help farmers, our health, the economy, and the environment. But why can't we grow it in the U.S.? Now raising money to complete production, "Bringing It Home" ( explores the story of hemp: past, present and future and the expanding global industry that is putting money… Continue reading Bringing It Home

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GG Tells OCEANA No-Go On Referendum Enquiry

Now aint this a bitch... I thought that the GG had more authority than the PM.. If I may, I would like to point out some things from our constitution. (I hope that Dean has not changed these as well.) Then again Amendment 8 does give the PM and his Govt absolute power (remember what… Continue reading GG Tells OCEANA No-Go On Referendum Enquiry

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Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

John Perkins (b. January 28, 1945) is an American author. His best known book is Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (2004), which claims that Perkins played a leading role in a larger process of economic colonization of Third World countries on behalf of what Perkins portrays as a cabal of corporations, banks, and the… Continue reading Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

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Tornado hits Belize during T.S. Harvey

A very interesting weather change is happening in Belize, normally a land where you'd expect the yearly hurricane season except his year brought with it a new monster to look out for; Tornadoes. With this new threat, there needs to be stronger regulations on building  design and construction to include this new threat if it… Continue reading Tornado hits Belize during T.S. Harvey

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Do it for nature… Do it for us.

Far too long have we put our interests ahead of nature, ahead of the very things that keep us alive and surviving. Now is the time to lend a hand and help save nature. Here is one item that you can do to reach out and show you care. Save Turtles From Dying Shrimp nets… Continue reading Do it for nature… Do it for us.

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Tea Party says protecting wildlife is unbiblical.

The tea party are apparently against many ills facing the nation, they have now added a new one to their portfolio, Manatees. Seems like nature is now part of the problem. According to the story on St. Petersburg Times, Edna Mattos, 63, leader of the Citrus County Tea Party Patriots made this statement: We cannot… Continue reading Tea Party says protecting wildlife is unbiblical.


Eco Leader Puma Thinks Outside the Box with an Eco Bag

Eco Leader Puma thinks outside the box. Instead of using retail boxes for their athletic shoes and footwear, Puma  has launched the use of eco-friendly bags – compostable bags that can decompose within three months – which they dubbed the “clever little shopper.” Read more Related articles Puma Switches to Biodegradable Bags (

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H&M & Walmart Trashing Unsold Clothes That Could be Donated to Charity

H&M and Walmart are doing a lot more than slashing prices, according to the New York Times. More literally, the fast-fashion purveyor and a contractor for the big-box chain are also taking box-cutters and hole punchers to unsold merchandise, willfully mutilating otherwise-pristine T-shirts, hoodies, pants, puffy jackets, and even shoes before hauling them to the… Continue reading H&M & Walmart Trashing Unsold Clothes That Could be Donated to Charity

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My mind on the PM’s statment on Oil drilling

I wonder what's the opposition parties stance is on what the PM had to say about continuing on the road to destruction with oil drilling? From his statement I take it that he does not care about the thoughts and ideas of anyone else but those of himself. I wonder if he has done any… Continue reading My mind on the PM’s statment on Oil drilling