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Set your own new tab page in Firefox

Set your own new tab page in Firefox

If you’re not a big fan of the new speed dial tab in the newest version of Firefox, Mozilla makes it easy to customize the page to load any site of your choosing with a simple edit to the about:config file.

To create a custom new tab page you just need to edit one file and it’s easy to do:

  1. Go to advanced preferences entering about:config in the location bar
  2. Search for preference browser.newtab.url
  3. Double-click on it and enter the web address (URL) of the page you want to load (like https://google.com, a custom portal, your Facebook profile, etc.), or to set a blank page, enter about:blank.

When you’re done the speed dial will be gone and you’ll have instant access to whichever site you typically open a new tab to.


Custom repos for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx

I had to setup an Ubuntu laptop for a customer. Tried to get him on Debian or Mint at least, but he refused to accept anything but Ubuntu as he was advised by the Tech guy at his work to go with Ubuntu. I went ahead and setup the 10.04 LTS version and advised him not to upgrade until after 11-2013 when Canonical will stop supporting it. Hopefully by then he would have learned enough and would be willing to try Debian.

After the install, I did a custom setup for his updates and packages. I thought I would share it with you all. You can also choose to not include the Third Party stuff.

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A brief outline on Amendment 9

Everyone has their opinion on this “proposed” already in progress Amendment to hit the Belizean populace; there still seems to be those that prefer to play the old game of party politics and confuse people so that their masters can get their way. Listen people, no matter how you paint the 9th or how much flower and perfume you put on it; it still remains one of the most ugly and foul-smelling items on the tables for Jewelizeans both in the Jewel and abroad.

The 9th is in all honesty, nothing more than a doorway to allow the current UDP Govt and any other party to simply do as they please with no one to fight back as that will from that point on be illegal. Think things are bad right now? Think you are being victimized today? Wait until this makes it’s way into the constitution and shit hits the fan; then you will understand what “And now yuh caca tary” and “gawn to raas” really mean.

Here is a short discussion I had on Facebook about this:

The BNTU is questioning what benefits Belize will have to own our utilities… there are asking the wrong question, the question should be what benefit was derived when we DID NOT own our utilities??? The only ¨benefit¨ Belize had was repatriated profits, exorbitant management fees, huge legal fees and of course higher rates and deteriorating service…

Cayo Buay
The other question, and the more important one should be.. Who will benefit from the 9th.. Most certainly not Jewelizeans, at least not the ones outside of the friends and family circles.

Like I always say… Always ask… For who? ….

A better Belize. For who?
Privatized utilities. For who?

A better belize for all of us and a belizean owned utility for all belizeans… it is only belizeans that can benefit from owning something anything here in Belize… why should the mennonites, chinese, indians, jamaicans, british, canadians, americans, and everyone else own vital assets in our jewel but we should not????

Cayo Buay
Yeah but which Belizeans? Just like how all Belizeans are benefiting from the oil right?

Seems like everything is for all Belizeans until its time to actually reap the rewards then we really see which Belizeans they really were talking about.

Barrow is running a family business called Belize. Who can’t see that seriously need help.

Careful what you wish, you just might get it.

Watch this

This is my contribution to the issue…

SECTION 2 of the Constitution currently reads:

This Constitution is the supreme law of Belize and if any other law is inconsistent with this Constitution that other law shall, to the extent of the inconsistency, be void.

What does that mean for the Jewel and all the Jewelizeans spread all over the world?

ANY law in the country of Belize is subject to the constitution as it is the SUPREME LAW of Belize. Any law that is to be proposed MUST be in accordance to the Constitution. It cannot violate but MUST be in agreement with the constitution or else the new law is VOID and cannot be accepted.

What does Amendment 9 say?

If the 9th is passed and we know it will as the current Govt makes up the house so they have all their bases covered.  When the Govt of the day decides to pass a law, they can AMEND or ADD it to the CONSTITUTION and that new law, would not fall under this rule or condition.

In other words, the Government will still not be able to pass any laws that are in violation of the constitution, however; and here is the catch…  This amendment allows them to alter the constitution by adding their new law to the constitution; it then becomes part of the constitution and therefore it will not be classified as a violation.

Remember this:  “No monkey seh ih pikney ugly” and “No fisha man seh ih fish stink.”

Are you getting this? Good… Now go stand up and fight against Amendment 9, it is not good for Belize.

Look out for more on this item of interest soon.

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Excerpts from a discussion about the issues in Belize

These are excerpts from a conversation I was having about the issues in Belize and the causes. It stemmed from a different topic but ended up becoming a dialogue of the constitution being the main issues, well at least from my point of view…

Read on.

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Tornado hits Belize during T.S. Harvey

A very interesting weather change is happening in Belize, normally a land where you’d expect the yearly hurricane season except his year brought with it a new monster to look out for; Tornadoes. With this new threat, there needs to be stronger regulations on building  design and construction to include this new threat if it has not been thought out as yet. Public awareness also needs to be pushed through media houses on a regular basis, schools need to start implementing drills for students to follow if one does happen while they are at school.

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Beat the friends and family circle cell-phone carrier

Your cellphone plan may more than likely come with a feature to allow you call a few #’s on any provider for free, aka the Friends and Family option.
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