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Youth Development

We all know that the biggest plagues causing commotion in our societies is lack of youth development. We need to step outside of the box for a bit and look at what is happening, where we are and what can be done to remedy the situations.

What is youth development?

… the ongoing growth process in which all youth are engaged in attempting to (1) meet their basic personal and social needs to be safe, feel cared for, be valued, be useful, and be spiritually grounded, and (2) to build skills and competencies that allow them to function and contribute in their daily lives.”
– (Pittman, 1993)

Youth development, then, is a combination of all of the people, places, supports, opportunities and services that most of us inherently understand that young people need to be happy, healthy and successful. Youth development currently exists in a variety of different places, forms and under all sorts of different names. Continue reading “Youth Development”

Building your Community Spirit

Building your Community Spirit

Another year is quickly passing us by and yet when I reach out into the community both in Belize and in the Diaspora, I see the same shit happening. People finding faults in each other and trying to bring down the other person while they make all excuses in the book to applaud and protect criminal leaders and allow them to drag the nation further down the mud pit. Instead of making ourselves stronger as a people we are allowing ourselves to be divided and conquered; hell in fact we are doing it to ourselves and asking for it to be done in the areas that we can’t do it ourselves. This article is not only for people in Belize, but for anyone that wants to see their community get better. Some tips will work for you, some won’t; it depends on where you live on this rock we call home.

As time slips us by, instead of being jerks and bullies to each other; how about we step back and outside the cages that have been built for us. Let’s stop treating each other like animals and shit and start to build our community. It’s not as hard as you think it to be, it’s actually easy as heck and all it takes is you (myself included) being willing to do it. Far too long have we allowed this single unit minded brainwashing to take us over and break down the very fabric of our society. Children watch and learn from their parents and others in the community they grow up in.

Loving your neighbors is to be a family and is far beyond DNA connection.
Blood may be thicker than water, but love, kindness, trust and ability to empathize with each other in the face of every adversity is what we should call my family.
– Kemmy Nola

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On Belize vs Guatemala at ICJ

On Belize vs Guatemala at ICJ

For several reasons, I vote…


Amidst the hustle and bustle of trying to convince people either way on this issue, some things are being left out that I think are important factors that the people MUST know ahead of any other words that they would be listening to. Continue reading “On Belize vs Guatemala at ICJ”



  1. A government that repeatedly makes bad decisions, resulting in worsening conditions for the country it runs.
  2. A government run by an intellectually challenged leader.
  3. A government full of cabinet members that couldn’t find their asses with both hands and a flashlight.
  4. A government consisting of people where if they were to pick their noses for a half hour, their heads would cave in.

I can’t believe the idiocracy we elected to run our country.


My take on Personalized Delivery of Condoms to Minors

Original post by: Stephen Okeke

Does encouraging minors like 12 or 13yrs olds to secretly use facebook to access condoms in order to have sex if their parents or shops refuse to sell it to them constitute an abatement to commit a crime? Since the big chat persons know, or should know that sex by or with minors is illegal. Although they claim we should give them this facility because “we already know they are having sex.” Does delivering it to them constitute an abatement to commit a crime?

While I think that it is wrong to condone underage sex and find it appalling that we are now being pulled into the system steering our children and youths on their path; raising children should be left to parents, not the Govt or any other “Business” …. I must add this.. We live in a society where it WILL happen despite your parenting work at one point or another.. Society has reached a level where parents are not around 24×7 and because of the influences all around, children are more out there about everything and will experiment. Continue reading “My take on Personalized Delivery of Condoms to Minors”