Millennials in Belize suppressed by gangs and crime

This is a story of one side of the coin that Belize faces with a Political angle to explain things but falsely. Watch the video first, I will provide my point of view after... The narration starts off, then shortly after, some highlights.... debtunemployment at 9%the murder rate one of the highest in the… Continue reading Millennials in Belize suppressed by gangs and crime

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Youth Development

We all know that the biggest plagues causing commotion in our societies is lack of youth development. We need to step outside of the box for a bit and look at what is happening, where we are and what can be done to remedy the situations. What is youth development? ... the ongoing growth process… Continue reading Youth Development

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Thought of the day 01-30-2013

Today, I'll be sharing the thought of one of my favorite person instead of my own. Hope you enjoy reading it. Your government cannot protect your property by stealing half of it first. It cannot protect your life by threatening you with endless violent edicts. It cannot protect your money by forcing you to use… Continue reading Thought of the day 01-30-2013

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Our Youths

The youth are lost but they are not gone. Just like a Shepard would not give up on finding his flock, so too shall we not forget or give up on them. I think the main issues with our youths are things that are missing from their lives. Fatherly roles, love, understanding, compassion, education, options,… Continue reading Our Youths