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Belize New Management

Here’s an idea I’ve been toying around with for a while, thought I’d share it with you to get your feedback and ideas on how we can make Belize better.

Belize New Management
Belize New Management
  • National Board will managed the daily on-goings in the nation. They will be elected by the people in a national election that will be every 5 years.
  • District Reps will be elected by the people in a district wide elections once every 4 years.
  • Local Governments will be responsible to work with the people on the ground to come up with plans and solutions to issues affecting the populace and present them to the District Reps. There may even be room for smaller bodies like Councils to make it even more involved with the people. These bodies will be elected by the people in an election every 3 years.
  • Review Board to consist of Accountants and Attorneys along with advisors in different fields that will review all transactions both incoming and outgoing to ensure they are not only feasible but legal and within appropriate coding guidelines.

This is just a quick outline, we can grow from here. Leave your comments below.

How do we change the future?

How do we change the future?

Youth, Education and their future are my new goals.. Care to join?  I’m working on some ideas and will let you know as soon as I get the drafts laid out and I’m comfortable enough with them to start the blueprints.

Some things are already in motion and will be implemented in the near future. We can do so much more but like the old proverb says, it takes a village.

Seeing that this is one of the major issues affecting our youth and not much is being done to curve it all. Yes there are things being done but there is so much more that needs to be addressed.

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It’s all in the planning you know

I am of the opinion that our politicians have the mentality of 5 year terms.

I only plan for the 5 years I will serve.

We need to start thinking long term goals. I want to hear solutions that we can run with for the next 50 years.

Build a new football stadium, Develop teen outreach centers, reach out to teachers to develop a better curriculum etc. These are things that can be handed down to a local network of people that work in hand with the ministers in each area.

What I want to hear from Central Govt are things like:

Develop a plan and market for companies like Dell to open a production center in Belize. We could cut them slack on taxes and they in turn provide affordable computers for sale and help develop classes where people can expand their knowledge about computer design and build.

Develop a plan where a company like Microsoft can open a software development center in Belize and work with schools to create new educational programs that lead to and provide software developers.

Develop a plan where companies that outsource call-center work would want to invest in Belize. we have a distinct advantage, proximity and our people by default speak English.