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Integrating the Caribbean and Central America

In continuing with what I’ve been talking about for several years now as to how things are being integrated into districts and all that. Earlier posts talk about the over all picture, others talk about the regional CARICOM and SICA stuff and some other angle. This one speaks more into that. Time to wake up Belizeans.

– Philip Stanley Wilberforce Goldson

Originally posted on Caribbean Journal
By Alberto Duran and Noemi Areli Sanchez

The Central American Integration System (SICA) was formed in 1991 and is a regional organization which includes the States of Belize, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama.

This alliance was formed with the purpose of enhancing integration for the cohesion on sensitive issues such as poverty, democracy, freedom and trade.

According to SICA’s mandate, one of the purposes of SICA is to “promote, in a harmonious and balanced way, the sustained economic, social, cultural and political development of Member States and the region as a whole.”

Since its formation, SICA has grown in strength and its population is at more than 45 million people, with a Gross Domestic Product of $108 million, and international investments for $3,000 million. The System also includes a group of Regional and Extra regional Observers, from Latin America, Europe and Asia.

The Association of Caribbean States (ACS) is a product of the desire of the 28 Contracting States, Countries and Territories of the Greater Caribbean to enhance cooperation within the region, an initiative aimed at building upon obvious geographic proximity and well-documented historical linkages.

To that end, the ACS is an organization for consultation, cooperation and concerted action among the countries of the Greater Caribbean. Based on four distinct pillars, its directorates are focused on four (4) thematic areas for growth which include Disaster Risk Reduction, Transport, Trade and External Economic Relations, and Sustainable Tourism. Continue reading “Integrating the Caribbean and Central America”

Something to think about as a community

Something to think about as a community

In all reality guys, we as a people need to do our part in spite of whichever govt is in power. If we learn to live within our means, become self-sufficient, stop wanting everything we see on tv so we can have something better than the other person, start eating locally produced products rather than demanding imported stuff.

I remember back in the day when Food of the gods was manufacturing chocolate bars in Belmopan, their product was far superior and more natural than the imported stuff; but because the people had to have the imported stuff because we think that if it’s not Snickers or Hershey that it’s not good enough and the Govt at the time did not allow for them to grow into a fully functioning and profitable company that could have been providing quality jobs, they sadly had to close down.

We have local meat markets that produce sausages, hams and other meat products that are way superior and contain less chemicals that the imported stuff, we need to start supporting our local producers people. When we do that, our money stays in Belize and feeds the economy. When you buy imported stuff you feed the economy of another country and deplete ours.

Families today are feeding their children Ramen soup instead of growing a little garden in their yards or as a community and cooking fresh organic healthy food.

We need to learn to do stop relying on Big Brother to do everything for us and learn to become self-sufficient and work together as a community for the betterment of all.

Gas expensive? Carpool.. Get 5 people to pool together and pay to fill one tank of gas rather than 5 people filling up 5 tanks of gas to go to the same place. Not going far? Ride a bike. Seriously folks, WE need to start taking responsibility for some of the hardships we face as well.

True the govt can make a big difference, and they need to get their hind ends in gear; but we need to step up to the plate as well.

If we can get the rich people to drop 1% of their yearly income into a pool fund that will be managed by all of them or their accountants; so there will be no thieving, we can do wonders. One thing is that we can use that money to send a student or more than one abroad to study a much needed field in Belize, they will in turn sign a contract that once they are done; they in turn will return to Belize to practice their skills for 10 years and train other Belizeans to do the work. Once they start making a profit, they too will be held responsible to re invest in said pool and the cycle continues. Same for a person that wants to start a little business.

Get the idea guys? There is so much that can be done, we just need to get it in our minds and hearts that a difference can be made without having to wait for Govt to stop dragging ass.

I bet if PUP or any other P for that matter, gets in tomorrow; everyone will expect them to fix all the issues ASAP too. Come on peeps, lets join hands and minds and do the right things to bring Belize back on track, it starts with us.


Thought of the day 05-13-13

Thought of the day 05-13-13

The system really has not served us except for the very beginning extending a bit into a decade or so after Independence. If we look around at how our nation has been served we can clearly see that only politicians, their families, friends and special interest groups have really been served.

When a system is created where only the rich or land owners could participate when only a handful of people fit into that bracket and having that continue until today I say it is a failed system from the onset, but that’s just me.

Are we to blame? Somewhat, actually for the most part. But it starts from our forefathers. If they had really taken the time to realize that what they were fighting against should never have made it into our foundation we would not be here today. People grew up with that system as being normal and it has become a cycle. You cannot make change unless you have money and we see that play out in how people behave.

I think this problem spans a wider footing than just politics tho, however I believe that if we look at any issue in Belize close enough we realize that they are political.
One of the main reasons things are the way they are is that people did not get the opportunity to lean their Constitution or their rights as citizens of Belize and still don’t.

Today we have learned people going round throwing legal jargon on radio, tv, in person and expect that people will understand. They literally use it as a tool to work the people to their liking.

Tho people are to blame for how they vote and how they think, this is the result of years of failure of the system to raise people that can think for themselves. The issue in my mind is this..

We have allowed ourselves to be raised an Ignorant, Complacent, Conforming, Submissive and Hypocritical people.
Yes I did.
– CayoBuay

The question now is: How do we change when the majority don’t even know their rights?

Until we realize that, accept it and do something to change it. Nothing will. And no-one can do it for you, YOU have to make the choice to do it for you.

“The most important single central fact about a free market is that no exchange takes place unless both parties benefit.”

– Milton Friedman

Thought of the day 05-01-13

Thought of the day 05-01-13

Sorry for missing a bunch of days of sharing my thoughts…. Here is my brain opening up today….

I will go out on a limb here and say that we are being used as Guinea Pigs.. Just like with all their other things.. Test STD’s on the natives in Guatemala, test agent orange on the Vietnamese; and I’ll go way out here… Test AIDS out on the Africans.

Today, we are being used to test political, financial, legal and corralling of humans on an international level…

And the sheeples are accepting it with thunderous applause.

If we bring a microscope to the picture we realize that even managing our household has become a political process.

In Belize where money is tight you have to vote on what get’s priority, who get’s what today or tomorrow, what you can buy, etc. Just an example.

All these things work into how we as a society co-exist with each other. Increase in crime is a direct result of politics extending into private lives and that is a direct result of people allowing themselves to be sheeples and accepting everything politics tells them is good for them.

Increase in crime being a direct result of politics as we can clearly see is one of if not THE biggest profit maker of politics.

On discussing part of our path to the ICJ

On discussing part of our path to the ICJ

I had this discussion on Facebook with some friends about one part of the Belize – Guatemala claim and going to the ICJ.  My concern here is more to the point of we have never taken this issue to any legal body before.

English: Central American Integration System E...
English: Central American Integration System Español: Sistema de la Integración Centroamericana (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Continue reading “On discussing part of our path to the ICJ”

On Belize vs Guatemala at ICJ

On Belize vs Guatemala at ICJ

For several reasons, I vote…


Amidst the hustle and bustle of trying to convince people either way on this issue, some things are being left out that I think are important factors that the people MUST know ahead of any other words that they would be listening to. Continue reading “On Belize vs Guatemala at ICJ”

Did You Know – Central America

Did You Know – Central America

Who had claim over Central America first? The first Mexican Empire…. Southern Belize and Guatemala was part of the Guatemala District. The map shows the twenty-four districts of the Empire.

Mexican Empire
Once the First Mexican Empire broke up, the Federal Republic of Central America was formed, the member states?

Original Members:

  • Costa Rica
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Nicaragua
  • Los Altos

Current Members:

  • Costa Rica
  • El Salvador
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras
  • Mexico
  • Nicaragua

Federal Republic of Central America

The U.S. and Britain signed the Clayton-Bulwer Treaty in 1850. Article 1 of the Treaty agreed that the two countries would not “fortify, or colonize, or assume, or exercise any dominion over Nicaragua, Costa Rica, the Mosquito Coast, or any part of Central America”. British Honduras was declared to be unaffected by the Clayton-Bulwer Treaty and Belize’s southern border was recognized as the Sarstoon River..

I won’t give you all the data, you will need to do some work and research to learn your history and better educate yourself about what are the real facts about this issue…