The real war

    The real war is the war on consciousness. It's very important to always remember that ...Mind control is ubiquitous. It's almost a question of who is not mind controlled, as opposed to who is mind controlled. It's just a difference in degree. The whole question of what is consciousness and how it can… Continue reading The real war

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Brainstorming 1

So here are some of the things I've been brainstorming on for the past days about the road ahead in Belize... These are however, my thoughts only; they are not set to happen soon or under the current Govt but from the way things are going around the world I have been thinking about them.… Continue reading Brainstorming 1

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The Ignorant Pursuit of Happiness in Belize

If we look pretty close we will see that what we are offered is in essence a sense of happiness where we must keep chasing it every 5 years and then must decide who will be better suited to deliver it to us but we keep getting the same delivery man who keeps painting his… Continue reading The Ignorant Pursuit of Happiness in Belize