Gladiators – Rearrange

My sentiments exactly. Lyrics: I'm hoping and i'm praying That very soon things would re-arrange Too much innocent blood have shed Our heart cries out our soul grieve If man would start to meditate We would all see what been buggin' us They've been fooled by our fellow man And taught the way to rob… Continue reading Gladiators – Rearrange

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Watina (I called out); the Music of Andy Palacio

The Garifuna All the black communities living on the Caribbean coast of Central America are commonly called Garifuna or Black Carib, or as they refer to themselves, Garinagu. Over the last three centuries, in spite of many migrations, re-settlements and interactions with Indians, British, French and Spanish, they have preserved much of the culture from… Continue reading Watina (I called out); the Music of Andy Palacio