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As we celebrate the holidays

As we celebrate the 10th and 21st. Let us recall why we celebrate, let's put the noise aside and remember that it was one step toward our Independence. A fight to make us, well, Belize.  Today, the reason for the day has all but vanished into the shadows of the carnival and the celebrations, bram… Continue reading As we celebrate the holidays

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Shyne uses Belize to outsmart U.S. Laws

The last Belizeans heard of the Prime Minister’s convicted son, Jamal “Shyne” Barrow, he was #1 on a group of concert organisers’ hit list after he seemingly ripped them off, and then disappeared, leaving them hanging with a huge bill to pay. This was back in May of this year, when Shyne was promoting a… Continue reading Shyne uses Belize to outsmart U.S. Laws