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Thought of the day Jan 22 2013

Tit fi tat and butta fi fish. - Dean Barrow Meaning: Because the other party did it, I am justified and am right in doing the same evil. Dis weh blow ova like wah lee breeze. - Said Musa Meaning: People will forget what we did by the end of the day so I don't… Continue reading Thought of the day Jan 22 2013

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Political ADs in Belize 2

So yesterday we brought up the ad that had people getting their panties in a bunch and giving themselves atomic wedgies. As I said, these thing have become so normal that they are actually expected and I would not be surprised that some citizens actually get pissed off if politicians do not spend time and… Continue reading Political ADs in Belize 2

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Shyne uses Belize to outsmart U.S. Laws

The last Belizeans heard of the Prime Minister’s convicted son, Jamal “Shyne” Barrow, he was #1 on a group of concert organisers’ hit list after he seemingly ripped them off, and then disappeared, leaving them hanging with a huge bill to pay. This was back in May of this year, when Shyne was promoting a… Continue reading Shyne uses Belize to outsmart U.S. Laws