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Talk to me of freedom

Read the lyrics and take a good look around you.. Lyrics after the jump... So talk to me of freedom, When they take your sweat And throw you on the dole, Like a useless worn-out bone. They say to have no fear, We've work for fifty years, But they'll take your job if labour is… Continue reading Talk to me of freedom

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Shyne uses Belize to outsmart U.S. Laws

The last Belizeans heard of the Prime Minister’s convicted son, Jamal “Shyne” Barrow, he was #1 on a group of concert organisers’ hit list after he seemingly ripped them off, and then disappeared, leaving them hanging with a huge bill to pay. This was back in May of this year, when Shyne was promoting a… Continue reading Shyne uses Belize to outsmart U.S. Laws

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Watina (I called out); the Music of Andy Palacio

The Garifuna All the black communities living on the Caribbean coast of Central America are commonly called Garifuna or Black Carib, or as they refer to themselves, Garinagu. Over the last three centuries, in spite of many migrations, re-settlements and interactions with Indians, British, French and Spanish, they have preserved much of the culture from… Continue reading Watina (I called out); the Music of Andy Palacio