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Amber Alert canceled for Bryeon Hunter | Mom of missing Maywood child charged with murder

April 22, 2013 (MAYWOOD, Ill.) (WLS) -- An Amber Alert issued for a missing Maywood boy Bryeon Hunter was canceled. His mother, Lakesha Baker, is charged with his murder. Baker's boyfriend, Michael Scott, also faces first-degree murder charges in Bryeon's death. Both were charged on Saturday. Bryeon, 1, was reported missing on Tuesday. Baker told… Continue reading Amber Alert canceled for Bryeon Hunter | Mom of missing Maywood child charged with murder

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Thought of the day 05-01-13

Sorry for missing a bunch of days of sharing my thoughts.... Here is my brain opening up today.... I will go out on a limb here and say that we are being used as Guinea Pigs.. Just like with all their other things.. Test STD's on the natives in Guatemala, test agent orange on the… Continue reading Thought of the day 05-01-13

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April 16, 2013 (MAYWOOD, Ill.) (WLS) -- Police issued an Amber Alert Tuesday for Bryeon Hunter, a 1-year-old boy taken by force during an attack near 5th and Main in Maywood. Officials say the child was taken from his mother around 2:15 p.m. by three male Hispanics. They were in a black, two-door sports car… Continue reading Amber Alert for 1-MONTH-OLD BRYEON HUNTER

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Thought of the day 01-30-2013

Today, I'll be sharing the thought of one of my favorite person instead of my own. Hope you enjoy reading it. Your government cannot protect your property by stealing half of it first. It cannot protect your life by threatening you with endless violent edicts. It cannot protect your money by forcing you to use… Continue reading Thought of the day 01-30-2013

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On Gun Control

Taking guns away from citizens will only give more power to the ones using guns for evil. What is the real reason for the Constitutional Entry about Right to Bear Arms? To protect from Tyrannical Govt.. Read the National Constitution and the ones of each state... The spell it out literally and if anyone does… Continue reading On Gun Control

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Where was God?

I agree with everything that he said. Funny thing is that even those that say there is no God keep asking why. I think that is a sign that they know there is a God and they are just putting on a front to fit in with the in crowd; a closet Christian if you… Continue reading Where was God?

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Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura: Manchurian Candidate

Conspiracy Theory With Jesse Ventura Authors and experts warn that forces within the government have revived a program that uses mind control techniques to turn ordinary citizens into programmed assassins. This real-life Manchurian Candidate seems outlandish-until Jesse Ventura searches for the evidence and goes face-to-face with a man who claims he's one of the killers.… Continue reading Conspiracy Theory W/ Jesse Ventura: Manchurian Candidate