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It’s almost that time again Belize

Pretty soon someone will start visiting your homes, spreading cheer and giving gifts. No, I am not talking about Jolly Old Saint Nicholas; I’m talking about your local politicians. The problem here is that they come bearing small gifts in turn for huge returns once they get into office.

Here is how it will more than likely play out..

Good day, we are here campaigning for the upcoming elections. Can we come in to talk to you and your family?

In a couple minutes you will start hearing:

  • A million excuses about why this particular politician was not able to do what they had to do in the past.
  • A bunch of lies about the other party to confuse you and get you to not want to hear the next person.
  •  Tons of lies, promises that will be broken and several truck load of horse-shit.

Basically a ton of bullshit to get your vote. This time around, let’s do things differently and step back from party fanaticism and think about the issues affecting Belizeans both at home and in the Diaspora.

I was born and raised in a UDP family with family friends in PUP, but as soon as I was able to comprehend the dirty game of politics I became an independent thinker.. I had the chance to vote in one election before leaving Belize and I abstained my vote.. Why you ask?

Because I grew up in the system, I saw things happening on both ends of the stick and I refused to support criminals that use the stolen largess of the people to line their pockets and that of their cronies and families and just as I would not tolerate common criminals, I refuse to support criminals in suits that pass themselves as honorable.

If there was a viable independent option at the time I would have preferred to give my vote to that person to give a chance for change to grow.

Einstein explained insanity as doing the same thing over and over expecting different results each time.

And I for one am not insane. Are you?

Time and again for the last 34+ years Belizeans have allowed PUP and UDP to run rampant, stealing Billions over time between the two; victimizing citizens including those not even born yet directly and indirectly by different means; selling out our nation piece by piece, company by company, treaty by treaty; amassing debt that will take generations to pay if we stop borrowing cold turkey today; and countless more atrocities.

And what do we have to show for all that?

  • A poverty rate of over 45%
  • A shanty healthcare system where rats are biting babies in incubators and a minister’s family runs all the money to allot for prime equipment but buy sub-par items and shares the difference within the circles. Man, even the PM prefers to go outside for treatment (the only time he used the Bze healthcare was when there was a Diasporan that provided him with physical therapy).
  • An imported education system that is generally so antiquated you would think that your grandparents are still in school instead of investing in 21st century technology to create a world marketable workforce.
  • A government that granted themselves and any other GOB absolute power even over the constitution in the 8th/9th Amendment.
  •  A crime rate that has steadily escalated to what we see today, and to make things worst; they implemented a cacameme plan to spread criminals and gangsters all over the country saying they are fixing things when in reality all they did was put them into areas the had little to no crime so they can start more criminal rings and gangs.
  • An International debt of well over $4 Billion. As one minister put it a bit ago:

    That’s Billion, Billion with a B.

I could go on and on and on with the things that are wrong with Belize today because of all the failures of the UDP and PUP but I suggest you sit back with a pen and notebook and start to list things you know that your country men, women and children have been wronged with and if you want list them here or PM me so I can list them out for others to see.

In fact, let’s do this.. List things you know that were done wrong and which party committed that wrong as far back as you can remember, I will make a list of all the unique things and post them as soon as I have a good amount.

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