What to Say When Your Child Blathers on About Minecraft

Lolz.. Glad I’m a Minecrafter so I understand. My wife tho is like this.. 🙂

Creeper. Notch. Enderman. Griefers. Mobs. Mods. If you have a Minecrafter in your house, you’ve likely heard these words shouted — like a foreign language — from the computer room. Minecraft is EVERYWHERE. If you have an Internet connection and a 7- to… well… 45-year-old, good luck escaping it.

But if you can’t escape it, you might as well become fluent in the idiom. I did some extensive field research (aka asking my 9-year-old) to discover what the hell kids are talking about when they’re talking “in Minecraft”; what they want us to say in response; and what we will probably say instead. Here’s a rundown on how these convos are likely to go:

“Oh no! I just got blown up by a Creeper!”

Huh? This means that your child just lost everything he/she had.

What your kid wants you to say: Oh, sweetie! That’s terrible! Creepers are THE WORST…

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