Thought for the day July 1 2014

For the past 30+ years we find ourselves swinging back and forth between a two-party structure that has basically had one true goal of self fulfillment of their members and chosen affiliates. We have constantly been lied to and taken advantage of. Parties basing their plans on a 5 year span only, never allowing any real planning for long-term growth and solutions that should be putting our nation on the world map. We have resources both in nature (gold, oil, wood, crops, honey, etc) and people (we are the only English-speaking country in CA) but they have all been used to push the agendas and fill the pockets of politicians and their cronies instead of for the betterment of the nation and people.

Poverty is one of the most impacting and devastating thing that any nation can have hanging over their head and Belize it seems has made a business of it. Last report I got my hands on showed the poverty level to be at about 41% (2013 est.)1, and I bet it is even higher now. Education is the next one as it directly impacts the ability of the citizenry to move ahead out of poverty. Next is jobs.


I’ve been absent for a bit as I was busy at work, but I’m back and ready to pick up the fight once more.. Stay tuned.

1. CIA Fact Book –

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