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Jammin with House of Marley Head Phones

We Jammin’ something Caribbean people do as part of their lives no matter what they are doing. Music is a part of life for people no matter where on this planet you find yourself.

I for one am a Jammer, I celebrate life with music of all kinds and I love feeling every aspect of whatever I’m listening to from the heavy bass to the high pitches and have been in the market for a good quality headphone but could not find it in me to shell out hundreds for a headphone just for name’s sake. Over the weekend I stumbled on the House of Marley collection and at a reasonable price I thought what the heck, I can always return it if I don’t like it.

I got the Positive Vibration Roots set as I can’t do the in-ear phones. I must say I am thrilled at the purchase. I am getting quality that you get in Dre Beats for 1/2 the price. These are on ear so the soft pad sits directly and comfortably on your ears. The set is wrapped in a canvas material and grips your skull firmly but softly.

Marley Positive Vibration HeadphonesThe entire set is styled perfectly to what you’d expect Bob himself to wear if he was here today. The cord is fabric wrapped which means it won’t tangle easily. Once you plug these babies in you truly get the sense of “when the music hits you feel no pain”. The speakers are tuned to hit all tones and provide you with music the way the artists meant it to be. It comes with noise-canceling qualities that you don’t really expect from a mid range phone. Vocals are crisp and clear. Sound is not sacrificed no matter what you are listening to.

The set comes with a handy canvas bag to keep our phones safe that matches them perfectly. There is a wide range of styles so you can find one that fits you and your style.

Not to mention that supporting Marley you support their charity work, check them out at Bob Marley

Check out the audio items at The House of Marley

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