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Thought of the day 05-01-13

Sorry for missing a bunch of days of sharing my thoughts…. Here is my brain opening up today….

I will go out on a limb here and say that we are being used as Guinea Pigs.. Just like with all their other things.. Test STD’s on the natives in Guatemala, test agent orange on the Vietnamese; and I’ll go way out here… Test AIDS out on the Africans.

Today, we are being used to test political, financial, legal and corralling of humans on an international level…

And the sheeples are accepting it with thunderous applause.

If we bring a microscope to the picture we realize that even managing our household has become a political process.

In Belize where money is tight you have to vote on what get’s priority, who get’s what today or tomorrow, what you can buy, etc. Just an example.

All these things work into how we as a society co-exist with each other. Increase in crime is a direct result of politics extending into private lives and that is a direct result of people allowing themselves to be sheeples and accepting everything politics tells them is good for them.

Increase in crime being a direct result of politics as we can clearly see is one of if not THE biggest profit maker of politics.

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