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Android’s Ninja you may not have seen

While we all know that Android has so many good features, there is one item that really never gets talked about much – it’s system wide sharing capability. This is a feature built into the system that many take for granted or never use. While it may not excite you it is one of the most powerful, valuable and useful features that the OS offers.

The feature is capability is about more that merely sharing as in social sharing. It’s a way to share data between application, anything from a web page, to a picture, to text and do it quickly and easily. The most important part of the system is that any application can take advantage of it, all the developer has to do is put in the declaration in his program to be able to receive data. Once an app/program has that feature it will show up throughout the OS as a place you can share data to. This is a huge difference from other “restrictive” mobile platforms and the difference it makes is ENORMOUS.

So how does it work?

  • Tap and hold your finger on any text in and email, note app or web page.
  • Highlight some of the text.
  • Tap the share icon, it looks like three dots in the form of a less-than sign (<) and you’ll see a list of apps to share the text with.
    • You can even beam directly into an app like Gmail, Dropbox or any social app with another tap.
  • Tap the share command in your web browser, doing this will let you send the page to any and share-ready app, your favorite social service or even in Evernote.
  • Tap the share icon while viewing an image in your device’s gallery and you can send the image directly to a photo editing utility, cloud storage like Picasa, to any social app like Google+ and post it to your account right from there or you can send it using Gmail or messaging app.
  • Tap the share icon next to a file in any file management app (local, cloud or other storage location) and you can send the file to another app like Gmail as an attachment or to another sharing service.

Your options are almost endless, once you get used to using this function  it will become second nature and you’ll start to wonder how people lived with out it or how people on other platforms have to deal with not having it.

Good things do come in small packages.

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