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Societal Pollution in Belize – Discos, Bars etc

For a very long time now there has been an issue where these establishments have been allowed to co-mingle with residential subdivisions to the point that you look out your window and you see the issues, shootings and fights out in the open, the noise that keeps people up until wee hours of the morning, the prostitution as some people take it to the open.

Back in 2009 when I was still in Belize, I offered my services to the Government and the San Ignacio/Santa ElenaTown Council to implement a Building and Urban Development Regulations Act; but of course due to politics and money nothing was done. I was simply brushed off.

This issue should not be happening today if the offices that control these things would be doing their work, instead they prefer to turn a blind eye to who can pay for them to do so and leave the citizens to figure it out for themselves. Again, I am offering my services to the Town Council to get the ball rolling in getting a proper solution to this issue.

Apart from the noise pollution, one must thing of the elevated risks of fights, shootings and other forms of violence that result from these establishments. Proper Urban Development Planning and Zoning Laws MUST be put in place and Enforced. If you need help with that, I’d be more than happy to offer my experience.

Attached is a very basic and dry Proposal for B.U.D.R.A I made back in 2009 to address these issues.

Here are some pics of citizens picketing in front of the CCET during a Liquor Licensing meeting by the SISE Town Council.

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Some important sections in the Laws pertaining to this topic:

3.-(7) The grant or transfer of-
      (a) a licence to any person holding office or employment under the Government; or
      (b) a licence to any police officer; or
      (c) a licence, other than a spirit merchant’s licence, to a licensed auctioneer; or
      (d) a licence in respect of any premises or vessel of which a police officer is the owner, 
          landlord or proprietor, or in which a police officer has any partnership or share, shall not be lawful.
19.-(1) The hearing by the Board of any matter under section 12 (6) shall be open to the public.
    (2) Every person concerned in or affected by the matter may at-tend personally or by an agent at the hearing, 
        but the Board may require such person to attend personally.
    (3) The Board shall determine every matter after considering all representations and objections
20.-(1) The Board may refuse to grant a certificate or permit transfer of a licence on any of the following grounds-
      (a) that the applicant is of bad fame or character or of drunken habits or habitually permitting or suffering 
          breaches of the provisions of this Act or the rules or of the conditions endorsed on the licence 
          or habitually permitting or suffering any nuisance or unsanitary conditions being created by persons 
          to whom liquor is sold on his premises

I’ll be adding more as I read the document.

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