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Animal Cruelty at University of Wisconsin–Madison


For decades, countless cats have been imprisoned, cut into, and killed in cruel and useless “sound localization” experiments at the University of Wisconsin–Madison (UW).


When PETA learned that UW experimenters took photographs to document this abuse, they demanded that the school release the photos. Knowing that the public would be outraged if the truth came out, UW fought to keep its cruelty a secret for more than three years, but a successful PETA lawsuit compelled the university to release the images.

Records show that Double Trouble’s anesthesia wore off during this surgery and she woke up to what was likely a painful and horrifying experience as experimenters were cutting into her head and skull. Wires protruded from the grotesque contraption on Double Trouble’s head.

According to records obtained by PETA, Double Trouble was subjected to several invasive surgeries on her eyes, ears, and brain. In the first operation, steel coils were implanted into her eyes and a stainless steel post was screwed into her skull so that her head could be immobilized during experiments. In the next surgery—which is depicted in the photographs—Double Trouble had holes drilled into her skull so that electrodes could be inserted in her brain. Experimenters then applied a toxic substance to her inner ears to deafen her and electrical implants were placed deep inside both of her ears.

Experimenters justified the use of 30 cats per year not by saying that the experiments would lead to improvements in human health but rather by stating that they needed to “keep up a productive publication record that ensures our constant funding.”

This cruel and useless experiment is part of a larger ongoing project that has received more than $3 million in tax money through the National Institutes of Health (NIH) with the stated purpose of understanding how the brain determines the location of a sound. But researchers at prestigious institutions around the world are already using modern methods with human volunteers to investigate this question.

You can help other cats like Double Trouble by clicking HERE and joining PETA in asking that NIH cut funding for these cruel and worthless experiments.


9 thoughts on “Animal Cruelty at University of Wisconsin–Madison”

  1. This is so disgusting… I am so ashamed of UW-Madison and the USDA. These types of experiments needs to stop immediately! What sickens me even more is these cruel experiments have been going on for decades why now is this coming out? Why didn’t students report this sooner? So ashamed of mankind.

    1. Thanks for the comment Lisa.
      I completely agree with you that these things should have been brought to light way earlier. I think the main issue here is that we have been on a steady decline of disregard for life of any kind and we just take it for granted now especially in the name of science.
      The thing that saddens me is that without knowing people are funding horrible things and I think there is so much more to be brought to light. I hope and pray that one day we will see the errors of our ways and that people will start to demand more clarity on what their tax monies are being spent on.

  2. The fact that these people say that they needed to keep productive for funding and that they used this as an ecxcuse samelessly , blows my mind … Are they actually just getting away with this ? I mean , I just hear from alot of people that we need to send a message to the funders do stop supporting these expiriments.Ofcourse it would be great we can stop other cats suffering like this . But after that they just get away with it ? they should be in jail , from the moment they found this evidence all these people should’ve been locked up already . If they don’t end up in jail i hope they lose their jobs and end up sleeping under the bridge ,seeing these photographs made me so angry !!
    To even think about it that these cats could be pets who were lost by their owners ….. just imagine your own cat gets tormented like this for money that is used again for nothing … The system fails …… but i don’t think thats any new information to most of us .I always tought Peta could be a bit extreme in some cases , but i’m sure happy they are around to fight these kind of people.

    1. Thanks for the feedback domashi. A very valid point, what happens to these people legally? Regular citizens hit a cat or people put dogs to fight and they get dealt with harshly by the law. Time for the law to do it’s job and get on the cases of these institution. I also thought that PETA was a bit on the extreme side but like you, I am happy they are around to bring out these issues.

  3. This is by far the sickest thing I have ever heard of! I own two cats myself and just looking at them sleep on the couches right now is a huge relief to know that I can provide for these two wonderful animals and keep them from the harm that other humans could do to them. NO animal should EVER have to deal with this. They even starved the poor cats for about 6 days straight to get them to cooperate for the surgeries and torture they had to deal with. This is just wrong in every way possible.

    1. Agreed Amy. I do not like cats personally (I’m a dog person) but if it came to choose a cat or let it die or live in a bad situation I would become a cat owner. I have friends that own cats and every time I visit, the cats are so welcoming and fun. It hurt my heart so much when I saw this, it’s sad that for our own selfish reasons we put defenseless animals through these horrible things.

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