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Did you know …Why still a claim?

At the core of Guatemala’s claim to Belizean territory is the Anglo-Guatemalan Treaty of 1859. From the British point of view, the agreement simply declared the boundaries of an area Britain already ruled. Those boundaries still exist today. From the Guatemalan point of view, which was developed after the agreement was signed, it was a treaty of cession, by which Guatemala gave up right to the land. For the treaty to take effect, Britain had to help build a road to improve communications between Guatemala and the Atlantic coast. Because this road was never built, Guatemala insisted that the treaty was broken.

Let’s see… Pass through the Belize/Guatemala border at Benque, travel the Western Highway to Belize City or turn at Belmopan and hit the Southern Highway to one of the Port Towns along the coast..
Seems like they have their connection if you ask me. So what’s the standing issue?

Note also that:

Article Seven stipulated that the parties concerned upon would endeavour to establish adequate communications by road, river or rail, between Guatemala and the Atlantic Coast.

Ride the Mopan river east, that turns into the Belize River that empties out into the Caribbean Sea which leads to the Atlantic Ocean.

As per Google Maps…  There is a link directly from Guatemala City to Belize City, the then Port stop in Belize/British Honduras..
belize city to guatemala city

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