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My take on Personalized Delivery of Condoms to Minors

Original post by: Stephen Okeke

Does encouraging minors like 12 or 13yrs olds to secretly use facebook to access condoms in order to have sex if their parents or shops refuse to sell it to them constitute an abatement to commit a crime? Since the big chat persons know, or should know that sex by or with minors is illegal. Although they claim we should give them this facility because “we already know they are having sex.” Does delivering it to them constitute an abatement to commit a crime?

While I think that it is wrong to condone underage sex and find it appalling that we are now being pulled into the system steering our children and youths on their path; raising children should be left to parents, not the Govt or any other “Business” …. I must add this.. We live in a society where it WILL happen despite your parenting work at one point or another.. Society has reached a level where parents are not around 24×7 and because of the influences all around, children are more out there about everything and will experiment.

In that sense I say that as parents WE should be sitting down with our children at an earlier age and having that talk about real life with them and prepare them for the challenges they will face. We as parents CANNOT leave our children to be raised by others, WE need to step up to the plate.

Why do things like this happen? Because WE allow it to happen by shunning our responsibilities as parents and leaving it up to others to do it for us. Long have I noticed that more and more we are leaving the raising of our children in the hands of others, putting bad role models in front of our children and such; then we get all pissed of when things like this happen.

If they will do it, might as well they get the protection they need. I speak openly to my nieces and nephews about realities of life and I’ve always left the door open so that they can ask questions and get honest answers to the best of my abilities and I do the same with my son (Age appropriate talks of course.) The best we as parents can do is set expectations of our children and provide the insight and resources they need to do the right things in life, from there on it is up to them as individuals and at that point we need to become facilitators on their journey to adulthood. If WE as parents cannot do that, then it will fall on someone else to do so.. We decide who will raise our child and fill that space for them.

Just my 10 cents on the matter.

3 thoughts on “My take on Personalized Delivery of Condoms to Minors”

  1. Then perhaps we should begin supplying guns for murderers, since they’re going to do it anyway. Perhaps we could give them a ride to their victim’s homes on government-sponsored mass transit. I think it’s a fatalist view to go “oh, well”. Perhaps you could think through this a little more. I consider it about .02 cents worth of advice. At .10 cents, you’re being more generous to your own opinon than your should….perhaps.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Joe, much appreciated.

    “Then perhaps we should begin supplying guns for murderers, since they’re going to do it anyway. Perhaps we could give them a ride to their victim’s homes on government-sponsored mass transit.”

    That is completely opposite to what the post was saying.

    I completely see where you are coming from however, my point was not in the sense that we should lead them to it but rather that they will do it one way or another and that providing protection should be a priority and should be the responsibility of parents not any other entity, including Govt.

    Like I used as an example, if your child is having sex, would you not want them to be protected? And who should be taking care of educating and protecting them?

    And yes, we should be moving and educating them toward prioritizing their life activities as far as what is a priority in life, sex or education and future. Everyone has a different point if view and it is of benefit to all to discus this topic as there is no one size fits all here.

    All in all, I still think that because we have so much failed parenting and others see that need to provide that service. It’s how things work in the system.

  3. It seems advertisements, tv programs, the media, governments, NGOs, etc., are doing quite a good job in educating our children where parents lack the TIME to do so. Surely you (parents) don’t need resources to educate your child in this fast moving world where everyone becomes bombarded with these false prophetic tactics. They are snatching your children from your grips, or you are simply letting go so they can become easy targets. Parents are too occupied with themselves, with work, and with other things they have to deal with on a daily basis. You might say there is not enough time to raise a child but in reality time is there and you have to make use of it. In all this, you cannot do it alone, but God can, because he does not fail where parents fail.

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