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My take on Marley the documentary

Just got my copy today and I must say, there is not really much to say other than this is a must have documentary. Raw, direct and uncut, THE most honest documentary I’ve seen on Bob. I could sit here all day and write about this DVD but it will not do it the justice it deserves, you must watch it and take from it what you will.

English: Bob Marley live in concert, just a co...
English: Bob Marley live in concert, just a couple of years before his death (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shows you the real Bob, not the marketed person we know. I never realized that there was so much about the Legend that is not known. The entire thing is very emotional, it goes beyond the Bob most people know as the face on the shirts and such or the weed smoking musical genius.

I thought I knew him, but now I really know him and I love him more. And I love his music more now that I know him more. That is what I want, people to know him more and feel for him as a person, what he has been through.
– Ziggy Marley

Final Word

The definitive documentary on Robert “BOB” Nesta Marley. Even if you have watched every documentary on Bob, this is one that will open you up to things you never knew. Kevin Macdonald truly captured the Legend in his true form; just when you thought you know Bob, you watch this DVD and you realize YOU DON’T KNOW BOB.

2 thoughts on “My take on Marley the documentary”

    1. Thanks for the comment Paco. I showed an older friend the video, he’s a HUGE fan of Bob and he has just about everything as a collector. He was surprised at some of the things in the video.

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