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Beautiful Plus Sized Women

Had to post this.. The world today is geared to make women feel bad about themselves after they hit a certain waist size or certain weight. I would like to say to all women that are meaty… Men like a woman they can really hold. A real woman has curves, a little extra meat on their bones. Stop listening to the media and their hype about what you should look like, be you and be proud of who you are…

Plus-size women have larger bust-waist-hip measurements than the Photoshopped models, fitting into clothes sized 14 and up.  So for all the men out there who love a little meat on their bones, and for all the ladies who think size 0 is the new 1, may we present some of the hottest plus-sized girls on the planet.

Christina Hendricks


Mia Tyler

Kate Dillon

kate dillon

Toccara Jones

Torrica Jones

Charlotte Coyle

Maggie Brown

Barbera Brickner

Barbara Brickner

Fluvia Lacerda

Fluvia Lucerda

Justine Legault


Crystal Renn

crystal renn

Stifler’s mom…err…I mean Jennifer Coolidge

Jennifer Coolidge

America Ferrera

America Ferrera

Sara Ramirez

Sarah Ramirezjpg

Lizzie Miller

Tara Lynn

Tara Lynn

Barbara Brickner

Barbara Brickner

Anansa Sims

Anansa Sims

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham

Fluvia Lucerda

Fluvia Lucerda

Johanna Dray

Lv Skinnymodels Dray

Crystal Renn


Jill Scott


Queen Latifah



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