Start to be free

Some people need to have stuff like these in their lives to function. Instructions on what to do, when to do and how to do it. For as far back as I can remember this has been the norm of sort, especially when it comes to making political decisions. We need to start moving away from this lifestyle people, it is very damaging to you and others.

I remember once upon a time when there was such a thing as common sense, back when people would actually think of the results of their actions, it’s hard to recall it in the political sense tho. It’s always been:

  • I vote for this party because my parents and their parents and their parents did.
  • I vote for this party because my friend is in the party. I may not be able to vote for them but they are in it.
  • I vote for this party because I can’t stand one of the people in the other party.
  • Put an ass (the animal) in my party and I will vote for it before I vote for the other party. I cannot change parties.
  • etc.

We need to put and end to this madness people. The very future of our children and their children depends on it. The very survival of the Belizean People is at stake today. When the time comes to vote, take the extra minute or two to reflect on the important things in your life and see how they play out by your actions. Ask yourself the important questions.

  • How well do I know this person that wants my vote?
  • How often in the last x years have I seen the person representing me?
  • How often has a politician reach out to us, his constituents, apart from when he/she needs something or our votes?
  • How does this person run their family? (Use this as an example of how they would run their office)
  • etc.

Here are a couple of pictures of simple little things that have now gone from common sense to actually needing a label or sign to let someone know about them. There are so many mundane things that we now need to be told how, when, why and where about. In essence we have become so educated and have become so reliant on technology and others telling us what to do and how to do it that we have literally become DUMB.

I humbly beg of you, open your eyes and your mind, start to thinking for yourself and PLEASE use your knowledge wisely.

Now take a good look at yourself, remove those shackles from your hands and feet and go practice some freedom.


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