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Your Health 4 – True Cancer Prevention

Hope Media, presents Dr. Bobby Scales. Your Health Matters, or does it? 4-True Cancer Prevention. This is a very powerful presentation on educating people about how to prevent most cancers and as a Dr. who has battled prostrate cancer, he does take this series very personally. Dr. Scales has six presentations on health, lifestyle, causes of diseases, cancer, diabetes and more. This is part four and we recommend you start with the beginning but each presentation does stand on it’s own. We all know someone suffering health problems. This is a life changing, lifestyle series of presentation. An eyeopener for most people and a lifesaver for many. As a physician, Dr. Scales has seen his share of health problems and dealing in medicine, he found that pills were not always the best answer. Join us as he puts God, the Bible, lifestyle and changes to the forefront of our minds so we can avoid or alleviate the unhealthful downfalls of our current society.

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