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Brainstorming 1

So here are some of the things I’ve been brainstorming on for the past days about the road ahead in Belize… These are however, my thoughts only; they are not set to happen soon or under the current Govt but from the way things are going around the world I have been thinking about them.

  1. Continuation of what was started with the 8th Amendment
  2. Devaluation of the Bz. Dollar – Maybe other countries as well
  3. The end of the Election Process
  4. Trial without jury fully implemented
  5. Guilty before you commit a crime based on mere suspicion a la Minority Report put in place.
  6. Implementation of a mixed Police State / Dictatorship / Kleptocracy system.

There are some more things swirling around in my head but I have to give them some time…

Yes, Yes.. I know.. Before you post… These are my theories only, I do not want to hear your cries of “these are mere speculations not based on facts.” or whatever else you may want to say.. As I stated at the beginning of the post.. There are my thoughts only..

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