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To ALL politicians in Belize for the last 30 Years Plus

Issuing a hearty and HUGE to all politicians that have failed our country for the last 30+ years. All those that saw crime problems growing daily and did nothing to fix it and everything to help themselves and their cronies. This is not only for the Ministers that were responsible for the Police and Military; but every single one of them. When they took their oath they made it to work for the people, to protect the best interest of the nation and more.

On a daily basis now you hear on the news someone got robbed, beaten, women being battered, children being abused and raped, people getting killed. Our society is on a Kamikaze dive to full destruction and our politicians are honestly not doing a fucking thing about it. All they are interested in is making more money and pretending to be one of the Three Blind Mice.

One of the most recent accounts to the crippling effects of our shitty as hell politicians is this:

Sick story of rape

In other news, a twelve year old student from the Cayo District claims she has been gang raped. According to the minor, she left her school in San Ignacio at around four o’clock on Thursday. But before she could get home, she was attacked by a man dressed in black at an overgrown empty lot. He was joined by two masked men and reportedly put his hand over the child’s mouth, before taking her into the bushes. The minor alleges that she was forced to walk in a creek, then into an unfinished concrete house where she was tied up and raped by all three men. She was left at the house until two persons found and untied her. She was then taken to the Western Regional Hospital for medical attention. Police have since detained one suspect for questioning

News5 Belize

  • Where is this little girl’s chance at growing up in a normal life?
  • Where is her right to safety at home and in her town?

It’s been 30 long damn years with Millions if not Billions of dollars that have been literally thrown away and hustled from the development of our country and society. 30 damn years of failure on the part of the people who swore to server the citizens of the Jewel.

  • How much longer must the children suffer?
  • How much longer will we go on fighting amongst ourselves for party affiliation while the politicians rape and pillage our Jewel?
  • How much longer will it be before these animals start to pay for their crimes?

I think it’s high time we say to hell with human rights for criminals, are they respecting the human rights of their victims? Are they thinking about the future life they are putting the victims in? NO! No they are not and we should not be worried if the punishment they will receive will be harsh; they deserve it.

Bring back judicial Corporal Punishmnet!

The facts clearly show prison does not rehabilitate or deter much crime and merely keeps criminals out of circulation while they are in prison. While the execution of judicial corporal punishment is horrendous and usually bloody, the effects of incarceration are worse. Prison takes offenders away from their families, marriages, jobs, friends, communities and churches and puts them in an extremely bad moral environment for years at a time. Incarceration does not provide the benefit of example, because it is hidden behind prison walls. When executed in public, corporal punishment provides a much better example than prison time. It deters crime effectively. Intense pain fills the offender with a desire to avoid pain in the future. The boredom of prison does not impart the same message. Physical punishment provides offenders with an immediate opportunity to change their behavior and join law-abiding society. Before incarcerated convicts can reform, they must first endure a clean version of hell that discourages their improvement and fails to impart the skills they will need when released.

Judicial corporal punishment will not break up families, marriages, communities and careers like incarceration does, nor will it increase welfare costs as much as mass incarceration.

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I know there is a lot to discuss with bringing back Judicial Corporal Punishment and it is something that we must spend time doing rather than just listening to what other countries and the Human Rights people tell us. As the old saying goes.. “Who Feels it Knows It.”

I’ve always asked, “How many more times will we keep going to the proverbial well of trying to find a peaceful solution before we realize that the well is as dry as the middle of a dessert?”

7 thoughts on “To ALL politicians in Belize for the last 30 Years Plus”

  1. These guys should be executed immediately, these scums should not be allowed to live, when committing this heinous crime, didn’t they think about their mother, sister, daughter, brother? an example of public execution should be made of these animals.

    1. I would want to get my hands on these animal breda. I no mih weh sorry fih dem. Dem no deserve any bit of Human Rights. Mih seh.. Wah stake up deh ass and light fiah bun inna dem.

  2. Humans are mean, disgusting and desperate….but they are also loving, kind and generous. I hear a lot of anger here and I understand. Many horrible things have happened to me and my family over the years, some of it happened in Belize. However, reactionary measures hardly solve problems long term. Crime is a reflection of many other issues facing a society. I don’t know what to say about corporal punishment and capital punishment. I have arguments for and against. I don’t mind discussing my hesitation to form a solid decision, as long as my reasons are heard and appreciated. In the end however, the question asked should be: what will WE do?

    1. I hear you loud and clear.. I too have mixed feelings about corporal and capital punishment and would love to see a proper sit-down about it without simply singling it out because of what foreigners tell us. I like you would like to be able to have a discussion about it without someone saying that I am wrong and there is no other way to see it.
      I have had situations in my family as well. I agree there are way too many factors involved in this Pandemic affecting not only our nation but the world.
      I ask that same question….. What will WE do? I have some ideas rumbling in my head… Will share once I get them lined up….

  3. This article is right on point. We have these people running around with “Hon.” preceding their names, but based on the manner in which our system of governance is set-up, the only “honour” that is required is to be true to the Cabinet…not the people of Belize.

    I concur with the author, all politicians who have deceived our people and filled their pockets, have contributed to the degradation of our nation. For that, they deserve NO RESPECT!

    Belizeans, wake up…stop get taken for a fool. Stand up and effect, substantive change to our perilous system of governance.

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