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Political ADs in Belize 2

So yesterday we brought up the ad that had people getting their panties in a bunch and giving themselves atomic wedgies. As I said, these thing have become so normal that they are actually expected and I would not be surprised that some citizens actually get pissed off if politicians do not spend time and money attacking each other like this.

After doing some digging around and falling off my chair a couple of time due to LMAO, I found this video…

While they did not paste someones face in the video, it does emit forms of literal low blows and shittyness. The message is basically the PUP party is a shit bucket and the member are pieces of shit.

The messages in the two videos are sticking right through.Here is my breakdown:

  • The Barrow dancing/strip video to me sent a message of stripping Dean down to his actions and for his accomplishments during his tenor as PM.
  • The PUP shit bucket video as I said compared the PUP to shit and nothing more.

Which video do you think is worst?

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