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The AD that is Causing Epic Wedgies and Getting Panties in a Bunch

OK, so I finally got to see the Dean Barrow AD that everyone is getting their panties all bunched up and giving themselves Super Wedgies over.

People are getting tired of Political Bullshit. People are starting to practice their Constitutional rights of freedom of speech. People are starting to act out in the way that Dean Barrow himself edged people to do before they won the last elections.

Civil Unrest he called for.  Anybody memba dat?

As I always say …  Be careful what you wish for you just might get it. Give people power and they will use it.

I have heard and seen worst things by politicians in the past. Families being slandered, party supporters being attacked and their persona damaged and worst.

The video was an editing that put Deans head on someones body. Nowhere was there note or mention that this was a paid political ad. In all honesty, if we will bitch about this we should have bitched more about the Billboards with the Barrow Royal Family. That involved family members.

Too, remember when the UDP  put up a picture of that female in their newspaper? If it wasn’t for the women that stood up and made noise about it, nobody would have said anything especially those from the UDP side. I am yet to hear a public apology from them for that.

Now I am not picking sides here but trying to say that political attacks on people’s persona is actually an expected thing in Belize. From as far back as I can remember it was a thing of normalcy; it has always been part of the “Show”.

If you are a politician in Belize, you SHOULD expect things like this will come up, especially these days when people were shown that Civil Disobedience and Freedom of Speech and Actions can and should be practiced.

I saw it as an analogy to striping talk from dean Dean and exposing him for his actions and accomplishments. What do you think?

5 thoughts on “The AD that is Causing Epic Wedgies and Getting Panties in a Bunch”

  1. It is just a stupid but rather funny ad. How can anyone get angry about it? This is politics in Belize. People should be more amazed that the same fools and crooks get voted in every single time, and not lose sleep over a funny dance number.

    1. Agreed Toni, this has become the norm in Belzie and all it serves is to distract the people from the real issues and just like a moth to light so too di people dem wait fi see who weh dis who di best.

  2. Thanks for the feeedback peeps. I thought the whole thing was rather humerous and yes a bit distasteful so I can see how one would get offended. The thing is tho that it is only the UDP that is bitching about it.

    Now they talking about PUP di peddle porn because ah it.

    Now tell mih if day no funny. If you ciant tek it no hib it, or like di old pipl seh.. If yuh thin skin, no play serious jokes.

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