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If I Could Change Things Around in Belize

If I had the authority to change it, I would make it something like this (Not perfect, but a starting point)…

  • The post of GG is removed. We are an Independent Nation after all and he doesn’t really do anything more than collect a pay check anyway.
  • Each Representative is voted as they are currently, by the people they will represent. They will be responsible for the positive growth of their constituency. Village Councils, Town Boards, City Councils will remain the same.
  • Each district will have an upper Ministerial Representative, elected on a District wide election; they will attend Central Government meetings and help to come up with policies and laws.
  • The members house of Representatives will be elected separately from the Govt and by the people.
  • The PM will be elected by the people, independent of their party. ( Sort of how the pres is elected in the US except for the college system)
  • Members of the Senate are elected by the people.
  • Our supreme court is truly made into the final law of the land. Why do we need to go to another country to preside over our courts?
  • Implementation of a NGO compromised of Attorneys and Accountants and other relevant professions. Members are rotated yearly. This Org will be responsible to revise any and all things that impact the country in any way and they will be able to enforce the law on those caught breaking the laws of the land. Govt policies, changes, procedures, etc. From Central Govt to doing random and routine security and policy checks on both Public and Private sectors

This will allow for finer control of things that go through the Govt and removing full control from one single party group, any one person and will provide for accountability laws to be put in place.

  • Local Boards and Councils report to their Local Representatives
  • Local Representatives report to the District Ministers
  • District Ministers and PM report to the House.

Implement a yearly review process for Government Representatives

  • Year one = fail … Politician gets a warning
  • Year two = fail … Politician gets a final warning
  • Year 2 1/2 = fail … Politician is fired and a new local election is held for the people to choose who they want to finish the term.
    • All parties will be allowed to participate

Granted this will need what I have been preaching over and over again, as have several other people.  We need a New Foundation on which to build our new house.

6 thoughts on “If I Could Change Things Around in Belize”

  1. You made no mention of an opposition in your suggestion. Does this mean we will be adopting the Politburo format. Sounds like that way to me.

    1. Thanks for the comment Joseph. I kind of left that part as a given. Also, I did mention “All parties will be allowed to participate” in the last bullet point.

      I barely support a two party system and in no way would support a one party system. What I would like to see is at least one more party setup but from outside the “old politics” box.

  2. No mention was made of an opposition. Does this mean we will be adopting the Politburo form of Government?

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