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If no-one challenged the Status Quo …

  • Belize would still be under the rule of the British.
  • Belize would not be an Independent Nation.
  • Belize would not be a Democracy.
  • Who will challenge the Status Quo we are faced with today?
  • Who will bring Belize out from under the iron fist rule of the current political system?
  • Who will bring our people into the next step of Democracy?
  • Who will take our nation into the future it should be heading to?
  • When will the people challenge the Status Quo?
  • When will the people realize that the system is only dividing us and keeping us ignorant and weak?
  • When will the people notice that they need to STAND UP?
  • When will the people learn that it is us that can drive change, change doe snot come from without until we can change from within.


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