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The true conservative alternative: Ron Paul?

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Posted by at 06:30 AM ET, 02/06/2012

Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum are fighting for the right to be the conservative alternative to Mitt Romney.

But they both lost that battle in Nevada — to Ron Paul.

Entrance polls from Saturday’s Nevada caucuses show Romney racking up huge wins among the vast majority of demographics, which isn’t surprising given that he took about 50 percent of the vote.

But the one demographic that is supposed to be Gingrich’s and Santorum’s bread and butter — people looking for the “true conservative” in the race — didn’t go for either one of them.

Which begs the question: Just what is the argument for their candidacies right now?

The entrance polls show about one in five voters said the most important attribute they want to see in a candidate is that he is a “true conservative.”

Among those voters, Romney took just 4 percent — a showing that lends credence to the idea that there is room for a true conservative alternative.

Republican presidential candidate Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) speaks during a campaign stop at Bethel University on Saturday in Arden Hills, Minn. (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

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1 thought on “The true conservative alternative: Ron Paul?”

  1. I agree with much of what has been mentioned in this article. I think that these Republican candidates really need to begin justifying themselves to the general public as they drag out the race and negatively impact the party. There are only so many times I can listen to Santorum try and justify 4th place finishes with “our momentum is growing and Romney is weakening.” Unfortunately, both Santorum and Gingrich ignore Ron Paul, believing he is an illegitimate candidate. I do partly understand Gingrich’s standing in the race. He tends to be very popular in Southern states like South Carolina. It is possible that he could make a sweep of upcoming Southern states and gain a significant number of delegates. This might give him the momentum and donations necessary to move forward with the campaign. It’s a stretch but still a possibility. Santorum has less of an argument. He barely won the Iowa caucus which is not an accurate representation of America’s voting demographic or even just Republican primary/ caucus-goers across the country. He has made repeated discriminatory remarks on the campaign trail and his extreme religiosity does not appeal to moderates or even the base of the party.

    Ron Paul is the smartest, most consistent candidate in the race. It’s sad to say, but I think he has hit a plateau as a result of his foreign policy. A quazi-isolationist message just doesn’t resonate well with Republicans who have become increasingly militaristic over time. This sacrificing of a major issue gives Santorum and Gingrich a greater chance of assuming that “true-conservative” role in the race.

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