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Shyne uses Belize to outsmart U.S. Laws

The last Belizeans heard of the Prime Minister’s convicted son, Jamal “Shyne” Barrow, he was #1 on a group of concert organisers’ hit list after he seemingly ripped them off, and then disappeared, leaving them hanging with a huge bill to pay. This was back in May of this year, when Shyne was promoting a huge concert in Belize. Shyne was paid almost $50,000 by promoters. In return he promised that two platinum artists would make it to the concert. That promise was never kept, and Shyne abandoned Belize and travelled to Jerusalem which he has been calling his new home.

PM Barrow irked Belizeans, when he overlooked many deserving local artists and appointed Shyne to the post of goodwill ambassador for music. Suddenly, Shyne went from a convicted felon, to Belize diplomat. Many believed the appointment was a strategic one. Before being release from U.S. prison, Shyne’s attorneys fought tooth and nail to avoid deportation to Belize. But Shyne found a way around it. As Belize’s musical ambassador, Shyne believes he can travel to the U.S. using his “diplomatic status”. That is what he has told international media.

“I can come to the U.S. as a Diplomat because I’m a Goodwill Ambassador for my country Belize,” said Shyne.

Belizeans can now see how Shyne and his dad, PM Barrow, are exploiting Belize. U.S. laws prevent convicted felons who have been deported from returning to their country. It’s almost like a ban for life.

Belizeans must take a stand and demand that Barrow reverses the great disrespect to our local artists and general citizenry when he appointed Shyne as Ambassador. Belizeans must also demand that Shyne apologizes to Belizeans for his concert scam in May.

Finally, Belizeans must let Shyne know he is not welcome to Belize.

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