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High school “incest” prank

Minnesota’s Rosemount High had an awesome idea for a prank at this year’s winter pep rally. Just awesome: blindfold all the sports captains and have them make out with people. And the “prank” part is that they’re making out with their parents. Who aren’t blindfolded, in front of hundreds of classmates.

per City Pages:

Footage of the assembly shows a scene that would make even Sigmund Freud cringe. Dads kissing daughters. Mothers kissing sons.

And these are not just innocent pecks on the lips. The parents are intimately lip-locking their children for several seconds. One even progresses to rolling around on the gym floor. In another instance, a mother moves her son’s hand south so he’s grasping her butt.

After the make-out session comes to an end, the still-blindfolded kids are asked to guess who kissed them. “Um, they had luscious lips,” said one student.


  • What the hell is wrong with these people?
  • Where are their moral and ethical values?
  • How can you expect respect from your child after that?
  • How will those children see their parents going forward?
  • How sick do you have to be to allow this to happen?
  • Why would a parent accept to do this in the first place?
  • Insinuating incest is ok in a playful manner?
  • >_<

Imagine getting that call from the school…

  • School: “We have an awesome idea for a prank this year, you have to make out with your son/daughter in front of the other students.”
  • Parent: “That would be awesome.”

I was most shocked by the mother that actually took the extra effort to put her son’s hand on her ass.  It’s like she was saying “This is all ok son.” and the mother that was on the floor with her son.

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