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CayoBuay’s Brain 10-30-11

“We are still sleeping, where everyone else is fighting for their lives on all our fronts. The threat is overwhelming, in that our country could be simply overrun in a very short instant.”

– Capt. Ian Cunha, a military commander in Belize, on the threat drug smuggling poses to Jewel.

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This quote was excerpted from an article discussing the pressures Belize is going through with the drug cartels and wars that are being introduce within its borders. The article focuses mostly on the drug war and such, but that one quote caught my attention and spurred these thoughts.

I wish people would listen to this quote. Here is what I see…

* We are still sleeping
A nation of ignorant and complacent people. People that still depend on a government to think for them, to decide what is good for them, to provide a handout or a favor in return for their vote.

* Where everyone else is fighting for their lives
Look around you, listen to what’s happening beside you. Youths killing one another to stay alive, fighting for their survival. Children going to school on empty stomachs. Families living on $3.00 and hour. Unemployment and poverty at an all time high.

* The threat is overwhelming – Not only are we being attacked from the outside but we are also destroying ourselves from the inside. People coming into our nation, taking land, doing as they please. The Xateros are a prime example of this.

* Our country could be simply overrun in a very short instant
Government dictating the lives of people. The future of our country literally hangs on a thread. Our Governments constantly being told how, when, where and why to do things.

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