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Good Morning Belize and all Jewelizeans.

As we make our rounds today, please remember that there is a very important matter taking place today that has very devastating potential on the future of our country, people, cultures and most importantly our freedom.

Today, the Government takes its seat at the table to pass Amendment 9, a detriment to the forward movement of our nation; however, there is only one way to stop this from going into effect and that is each and every one of you that have a voice MUST use that voice, you must stand up.

Remember that Government was not created to rule but rather to serve in the best interest of a nation and a people. WE have allowed them to take a dictatorship position and it is WE that must take that power back. They DO NOT own you, they CANNOT force you to do as they want you to do; in fact it is the other way around… YOU own them, YOU have the authority to tell them what to do and they MUST listen. The problem like I said, is that we have taken a submissive role in all this.

As Bob Marley said in his song .. Rise O fallen fighters, rise and take your stance again.

It is time to show your right as a free member of our Belizean Society, your rights as prescribed by the Ultimate Law of the Jewel, the Constitution and make the Government know that you do not want the 9th.

What happens when people stand up and fight back? Change happens!

Our Constitution provides for freedom of assembly and association and the protection of the right to privacy and the right to work.

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