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The problem in Belize and elsewhere…

The problem in Belize and elsewhere is that people want to be told what they want to hear. They refuse to accept that they are ignorant and complacent and they refuse to accept the responsibility to fix their state of dismay, so they take the easy route and vote for the opposition when they are fed-up of the ruling party.

Never thinking of what the consequences are and realizing that they are in a constant circle of the same shit just painted a different color.

The people prefer to stay with their blinders on.. Ignorant and complacent.

People my friend have a tendency to want to fit in with what everybody else is doing, they do not want to be looked at as an outsider, as different.. People like us could care less, we do not stand for political correctness just for the sake of being politically correct.

I for one call them like I see them, I do not paint pretty roses around my words. This is why many don’t like people like us and why the main stream system paints Free Thinkers as nut jobs, crazy, fools.. Free thinkers like us will almost certainly never make it to a position to influence the change and growth of a nation because of that.

It’s like my grandfather used to say… Put a JackAss to run for my party and I will vote for the animal before I give my vote to the other party.

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