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Pursuant to Sections 2 (1) (b), 2 (3), 2(4) and 3 of the Referendum Act, Chapter 10 of the Laws of Belize as amended BY Act No. 1 of 2008.

We, the undersigned, Registered Electors in Belize whose names appear in the approved voters’ list, acting in accordance with the provisions of Section 2 (1) (b) of the Referendum Act, Chapter 10 of the Laws of Belize, call for a referendum on the Belize Constitution (Ninth Amendment) Bill introduced into the House of Representatives on July 22nd 2011 and which, if enacted, would give a two-third or three-quarter majority of members of the House of Representatives the power to make any amendment to the Belize Constitution without the Supreme Court of Belize being able to decide on the constitutionality of such an amendment.

As a constitutional democracy and a nation founded on the Rule of Law, Separation of Powers and the right to the enjoyment of fundamental rights and freedoms guaranteed in the Belize Constitution which is the Supreme Law of Belize, we believe that before the Belize Constitution (Ninth Amendment) Bill (or any other constitutional amendment bill that seeks to enact provisions similar to those of the Ninth Amendment) is enacted, it should be put before the people in a referendum to decide whether the people want their constitution to be so amended.

We have signed this Petition because, in our opinion, the amendments being proposed in the Belize Constitution (Ninth Amendment) bill is of sufficient public importance that it should be submitted to the electors for their views through a referendum.

We, the undersigned, by affixing our personal information and signatures in accordance with requirements of the Referendum Act, pray that the Governor General of Belize shall refer this petition in accordance with Section 2 (3) of the Referendum Act to the Chief Elections Officer for verification of the signature of us the petitioners and for the certification that we represent 10% of the registered electors in the entire country.

Thereafter, we call on the Chief Elections Officer, pursuant to section 2(4) of the Referendum Act to proceed with due expedition and in any event not later than two months from receipt of the petition from the Governor-General to verify the signatures on this petition and return the petition to the Governor-General of Belize as soon as practicable with the requisite certificate so that the Governor General may issue the Writ of Referendum for the holding of the Referendum.

Click HERE to download the PDF. Print it and pass it around. We need to gather as many signatures as possible in the least amount of time.


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