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Food for thought

Some say that their was never a vision, direction or patriotic love for our country.

I disagree… I think there was a vision and a path;

The problem we are in today began when they started to let just anyone with money into the leadership roles instead of keeping it a system of hard-working people who understood where we were standing at all times and knew the way to work around the issues and find real solutions; as well as few the Belizeans that sold their soul for a piece of gold to dismantle the system that brought us out of servitude to the crown and into an Independent nation.

If those two things were done differently, we would be a magnificent nation and a player in the world market in all aspects. Sadly, our history is what it is and the legacy that followed our forefathers is a shitty one, not because of them but because of the idiots that followed that could not get their heads out of their asses long enough to keep the vision and dream alive.

Until each and every Belizean refuses to accept any form of payment for their vote or expect to get something for free, we will never change. Until each and every Belizean understands that before we can have real change in our Government, we will need to bring change from within. Until every single Belizean can learn that we need to uplift one another and love each other as we love ourselves; we will never make a step forward, we will never solve our problems and we will certainly not remain a nation of Belizeans.

This is my thing, for any change to happen it needs to be from each and every home and each and every Belizean.

A friend told me:

As long as the three P’s Politics, Police and Power are in place we have no option but to ultimately look up to Gov’t to solve or alleviate the current situation.

To which I responded:

Then we dismantle that problem and move from there.

We must realize that unless the citizens of Belize, the ones that are feeling the licking take a stance the system will keep us ignorant, will keep us down in the mud, keep kicking dirt in our faces and will keep raping our country and our future.

Listen, most of what is known in Belize as our history is what a select few people decided they would show us to be our history. Why do you think most if not all of the information that is available to the public is only bits and pieces from here and there? Don’t get me wrong, I love that people actually took the initiative to put it in book form, but there could be so much more.

There is more to it than meets the eye and the ear. The more I research the more I open my mind, which is why I started a wiki a short time ago and encourage others to join in; so that together, we can have a central place where our real history can be found, hopefully we can get some first hand accounts in it and we can finally paint a real picture of what our history is and people can start being real Belizeans for once.

It all starts with education, no politician, no police, no power will give that to you. You must fight for it, the problem lies in that our education system has failed us miserably and it is up to us, the ones that know better to pass on the information and expand the minds of those that don’t.

In the early days of our history toward independence, change did not come from any political party or power, it came from exactly what I am saying.. Opening the minds of the people, allowing them to see a better place, a better future and educating them as to their rights as a people; together with that rallying each home to bring that change.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

I am of the belief that when push comes to shove, the one that shoves the hardest wins.

Like Malcolm X says…
Power never takes a back step only in the face of more power.


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