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The Ignorant Pursuit of Happiness in Belize

If we look pretty close we will see that what we are offered is in essence a sense of happiness where we must keep chasing it every 5 years and then must decide who will be better suited to deliver it to us but we keep getting the same delivery man who keeps painting his truck so we think we really got a new delivery system.

What we are doing is simple allowing the machinery to keep delivering a false sense of hope, a false happiness, a false future, in essence, they deliver us a farce while they keep the real thing for themselves. Don’t believe me? Take a look around you and count how many out of 10 people actually have real happiness, how many actually have a hope for a better future, how many have jobs, how many children go to school on empty stomachs.

The machinery has set up their system to work against the people, no matter what they say. It is up to us to fight for happiness, our future, our hope.

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