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My thought on why the system won’t change anytime soon

SO here is my point of view.. We can starve ourselves until kingdom come, we can purge and pressure the Bar as much as we want, we can bitch and moan all we want; the fact remains this:

Until the masses of the people can be emancipated from mental slavery, until the masses can understand that it is the people who control the power, until the people grow balls to stand up to these fools… Nothing will change.. No political party will change the situation we are caught up in, no strikes will do it either.  The real problems will remain if we do not emancipate the people and aid them to grow the balls they need.

Our constitution and the laws are setup to allow the system to do as they please.

We keep thinking that our systems are based on Democracy,, when in fact they are like wolves in sheep’s clothing. The only thing Democratic about our system is the way by which Dictators get put into office.

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