True Frienship

Robert Gold Bartender
Image via Wikipedia

These two guys have been friends since forever. Every day after work they swing by the local bar and have a drink then head home. They make a promise to each other that if one dies, the other will continue the tradition and take drinks for both of them.

Years go by when one of the guys walks into the bar and starts drinking all the while ordering two drinks but his friend was not there. The bartender walks over and asks what’s going on. The guy explains the promise and tells him that his friend had passed away.

After about a year of coming to the bar and having two drinks one day the guy only orders one drink and leaves. This continues for about a week when the bartender walks over and asks. “Hey man, I thought you made a promise to take a drink for your friend. What happened, did you break your promise already?”

The guys answers.. “No, I stopped drinking. This one’s for my friend.”

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