Belize, Humor

Crazy almost goes free…

Before I left Belize I went to visit the Rockview center. On my way through they had a meeting of who would be let out. The doctors could not decide so they decided to do a test.

All the patients were gathered in a room and told: “Dis da wah test fi sih who weh get released.”

The doctor came in, painted the picture of a door on the wall and told them: “DI first wan weh come out a dis room gwein home.

As the doctor closed the main door all the patients started fighting to get to the door, all but one. This one guy just sat at the other end of the room and laughed at the others. After about 1/2 hour the doctors decided they had seen enough.

They entered the room and ended the test. They pulled the guy to the side and signed his release forms. All was arranged. On his way out one of the doctors stopped him for one last thing….

Doctor:  “Tell mi sah, why you neva gawn fi try open di door?

Ex-Patient: “Well atta dem people fool, dem cud neva open dat door mien.”

Doctor: “How you mih know dat?

Ex-Patient: “Well doc, cause I had di key inna my pocket di whole time.

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