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What does Belize need?

To start with, Belize needs a new political system with an ideology of openness, a party without pre-packaged propaganda but rather an idea that can be created, shared and transformed by society at large. A system that will allow for data and information to be made available to the public where there can be transparent participation on all levels by every kind of people.

We need to transform and remove the barriers of institutions and spread communication over a larger plane. We need a system that can provide real-time information and feedback to the citizens via electronic means, one that will take advantage of web presence to involve the people and provide tools that will always be within their reach.

The people need a way to make their individual voices heard and for them to be counted in decision-making processes.

With this comes a great demand for education reform. The populace needs to have proper education and access to new resources to expand their horizon thus creating a vibrant and world marketable person in each and every one.

In order to lay the foundations of democracy among us and to consolidate it, in order to arrive at the peaceful reign of constitutional laws, we must finish the war of liberty against tyranny and safely cross through the storms of the revolution.

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